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Nighthawks Extinct

Nighthawks have folded. Any truth to this?

Re: Nighthawks Extinct

I for one would hate to see this happen as I felt that the Nighthawks have lots of class.
They spent this season learning the ropes so to speak and they didn't do as many of the so called class teams did and that was bash other teams nor did they try to steal players and or coaches.
In my book they are a class act they are just missing a fire and brim stone type of man to help on their sideline and with that said I really hope they are not folding.

Re: Nighthawks Extinct

There isn't any truth behind this! We are actually reproducing at a rapid pace! We just had to do what I like to call a little "cleaning house". So we're getting rid of all the unnecessary baggage we carried around all season. In this process, our "owner" decided to take a walk w/ some "Panthers" instead of flying high w/ the Nighthawks. Good luck to him on that journey. Lol. But everyone can expect to see us in an abundance for years to come! Birds of a feather flock together! Roll w/ us, or get rolled on!