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Re: John Jackson

I for one, do not have to post my name, cause you all know me by Coach Mom. I have read all these post against JJ, and I shake my head that people can get on here and be so vicious, hateful, and just plain vile against a person. JJ, has spent his time building this league, CRFL,into what could have been a very good league. We have rules and by-laws in our league that were put in place for all teams to follow. But when these rules and by-laws are enforced, and you do not like the outcome, it's always JJ's fault, when really it's the owners and/or players fault that these infractions were made in the first place. With JJ, being the commissioner of this league, he does not even have voting rights.The owners are the only ones that have the voting rights. I am proud to have my team be a part of the CRFL. The people that give the CRFL a bad name are you that get on here and bash the league that you know nothing about. You bash the owners of the team, you bash the players and you bash the commissioner. I do not care who is the best league, IFL,CRFL,MSFL.The only thing that was important to me and my players is that they had a league to play on. My players played, because they wanted to play football.JJ, did not get paid for doing this job, and I don't see anybody willing to step up and take his place. If any of you think you can do better than what JJ has done, then step up. People have talked about every commissioner from Earl, Wayne, and now JJ. No one can run the league to your liking. Well, the season is almost over. Step up and see if you can do a better job. I myself think JJ has done an excellent job. I would have told you all where to go a long time ago. Thanks JJ, for at least trying to run a top notch league.
Coach Mom

Re: John Jackson

Let's not forget JJ was one of the people who criticized Earl the most. Now the show is on the other foot.

Re: John Jackson

Wow to use my name is epic. I guess everybody really does want to me like me. The last person on this post was not me and is an epic failure to society.