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Re: zartman dismissed from spartans

Eye didn't start tbis thread to the dumb asses who think Eye just out of the blue decided to hate on you. Tell you what....Eye am not going any where. EYE never said ESPN didn't get other footage. What EYE did say was they served you up....Truth! Have you read the ESPN thread???? Trashed! One other thing Eye am in no way shape or form affiliated with the Crusaders, or the CRFL. As a matter of fact I think that whole league needs to step it up! Says Eye!


Re: zartman dismissed from spartans

Thank you for this insider, wish i knew who you were, I've been quit about ESPN because lets face it, the ones who know where I was coming from and the ones who don't will never change there minds, I love the game, did I say things that would upset people sure, were they things that haven't been said before, of course not, look at some of the things, Butkis, Lott, Lewis, ect have said, Its just a mind set is all, do I want to hurt someone for the season or there life, of course not, but when I take the field do i need to have a mind set that I'm the baddest there is? sure, I'm going against 6'5 325 pound 25 year old men that know the game, and to do my job it just is what it is, I have respect for anyone who walks on a field across from me, but that doesn't mean I'm not coming after you, and expect you to do the same, if I get hurt, thats the nature of the game, i won't whine about iot afterword, I have NEVER been kicked from a game, NEVER had a flag thrown on me for a late hit or unsportman play, during the fight with the Cru, I'm on film walking by myself over to check on a down Cru player and then shake hands with the ones around him and leave the field, because thats also how I am after a game, I do not talk about players Mothers, wifes, girlfriend, what I'
m going to do to them during the game ect, the trash talk is something i am poor at, so I stay quit, as for all-star, it's SEAL team 6 you were thinking of, I was on the practice sqd at USC when stationed in CA. and if you are that interested in my military background, please feel free to go to the Marshall county records and look at my dd form 214, it's public.

Re: zartman dismissed from spartans

Please come back and we can hug like men and have all forgiven.

Re: zartman dismissed from spartans

I'd love to do just that, just let me know who you are.