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the rumble n da jungle pt 2

Lady's and gentlemen this is what we all were waiting for, the rematch. Boy oh boy David vs goliath, holyfeild vs tyson,, Ali vs frazier, tiger woods vs elin. The almighty crusaders vs Bad Boy spartans. This game is gonna be a hard hiting dog fight kinda game. Rivals going at it for the Indiana championship. What more could a real football fan ask for. Did i mention they absolutely hate each other. Bring your popcorn and drinks folks this is going to be a good one

Re: the rumble n da jungle pt 2

well if there was a fight after the revolution - crusaders game and being the crusaders are on probation they should be done by all rights and either the Spartans get a bye and a walk into the league championship or the revolution and Spartans play for the right to move on either way the crusaders should be kicked out of the league for violations of conduct the CRFL kicked out the vipers for less then this. CRFL owners if you want to get new quality teams in your league next season end this one like you care and show everyone and every team that you do hold your teams to a higher standard and remove your cancer before its to late

Re: the rumble n da jungle pt 2

Ur right the convicts i mean crusaders are way out of hand they have been cheating and getting oitver the whole seasons it is time now more then ever to stand up as the CRFL and get theses teas and teams like crusaders out of our leauge before some one gets hurt or killed again!!!!!!!! Dont forget our lives are on the line n i dont feel safe