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new bylaws

With all the issues this year, the one that sticks out like a sore thumb was all the fighting! The CRFL should impose a mandatory uniformed officer from the home teams local Sheriff's Department to do security. Yes i know this would raise players fees throughout the league but i have read an heard 90% of the league have issues with the fighting that occured this season! I am aware that not all teams were involved in fights this year but to ensure safety of coaches, players an fans this is the most sensible thing to impose in the bylaws of the CRFL! If i am not mistaken the MSFL has such a bylaw or a form of it an the CRFL should follow suite! Id like to hear/read anyother suggestions on what people in supa land would like to see changed, or added into the 2013 bylaws! If such a rule was to take place i think 99% of the league would think twice before throwing a punch at anyone for fear of being arrested for assult! I guarantee there would be zero fights next year with such a bylaw!! Owners you should vote this inn an make it happen!