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dig it

I just wanted to say that I LOVE the IP recording AND posting of it....I will let it be known right now, I post from my computer at work and my computer from home, always the same name tho....supafan might just end up being a grown up place as it was will still have anons but at least we will know which one's are flooding the site with garbage....good work....ALSO Congrats to the Crusades for winning the CRFL and the Xtreme for winning the IFL....I know it feels good men....

Re: dig it

Very true andre and yes congrats to both for takin the ship.

Re: dig it

If i left anybody else out forgive me, i just dont know what other leagues are done yet, i know alot of my friends are killing it with the Nados, Triggs, Dan, Carlton, Luther....and many more, keep rockin brothas, the SHIP is in your sight.....

Re: dig it

Thanks for the shout-out on this one. It may be a little more quiet for a while, but things will certainly be a lot more constructive. I look forward to hearing more of your voice, Dre, as you're someone who's got a lot of experience in this game and who is very well respected in our community.

Make sure your voice is heard.