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2013 GMFL - Join Our Growing Family

The Great Midwest Football League; entering into its 7th season is currently looking to fill positions in its 32-team league with teams from the following states: Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin that have a proven track record of stability.

We are seeking organizations that can successfully complete a 10-game regular season schedule as well as a 4-week postseason schedule without forfeiting ANY games.

We are seeking organizations that have an unequivocal understanding of the words “professionalism, integrity, accountability and responsibility.”

We are seeking responsible team owners who understand the importance of “delivering as promised” as well as the importance of “meeting ALL deadlines ON TIME”.

We are seeking owners who are willing to hold every member of their organization accountable for their actions at ALL times.

We are seeking organizations that are willing to not only look professional but are willing to act professional at all times.

We are seeking organizations that understand the importance of sportsmanship and fellowship regardless win, lose or draw.

We are looking for organizations that are willing to abide by every rule regardless of its popularity.

Most importantly we are seeking organizations that feel their integrity is more important than winning.

If your organization fits this description; if you do not mind hard work and being held accountable; than the Great Midwest Football League would love to have you become a member of our family for the upcoming 2013 Season.

Visit our website at to fill out an application for membership and to schedule an interview.

GMFL 2013 back to basics; back to family!