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Just Venting

I've been thinking alot am I really done with football. I know the Cardinals are done (unless some players pull together to keep the team), but the Martins as owners are done. Running a team takes alot out of you, it takes money out of your pocket, money away from your family, gotta deal with superstar attitudes(divas), then deal with coaches, the school u are using, just very streesful. Honestly this past year put a bad taste in my mouth for semipro football, not taking shots at ppl, but it seems like the younger catz dont know what it's about to play semipro. I've been playing this game along time, played for some of the best teams (NC WolfPack) (SB Stampede) (FT Flyers)(IN Cards) , played against some of the best(COL)(Jacksonville Bombers)(Lima Warrios) (Darke County Warriors)( Mich Twisters) (Mich Timberwolves) etc, seen teams come and go. I'd like to thank alot of owners for putting forth the effort to run a team, I now know what u go through. Commissioners you all have a job cut out for you trying to run a league, I've realized semipro or adult amatuer football has turned into alot of big ass grown cry babies, if your offended then this means you. I've been thinking have gotten phone calls from ppl saying you and ur brother cant b done yet, yes we have gas in the tank, but the love of the game might b gone. I think about it all the time "Am I really Done". I've met alot of cool ppl through my 15 years of semipro football, some I know I would do anything for if they needed, and I know vice versa. The world of semipro football is a beautiful thing if ppl would give forth the effort to make it better instead of tearing it down, knocking this league or that league, it doesnt matter what league your in we're doing the same thing, playing on Saturdays. While your playing that game on Saturday your not playing in the IFL or CRFL or MSFL, GLFL, in your head your playing for you, your team, your family, and whoever else is in those stands on Saturday, hell some of ya'll act like your in the league and playing on Sundays lmao, and thats some good ****. I dont know what I was really saying in this mayb it was more for me, then you. lol. AM I DONE? Lol I dont know. Ask yourself a question "What do you play for?" Answer to this question are welcome on this thread or just feed back in gerneral. I know I'm not the only person asking myself these two questions!!!!!!!

Re: Just Venting

I hear what your saying. I play for the love of the game. I have also met alot of cool people from other teams and teams I've been on. Yes every one wants to win who doesn't,but thats not the only reason. Your right alot of young cats don't give a s?&t about any one esle but their selves. I don't even know if im coming back. Im tired of owners and coaches taking money from players and teams. Making the players look bad.

Re: Just Venting

Sadly I must agree with what you say there Mike. I believe I've had this same discussion with HBC in the past about alot of players these days. Alot of guys seem to forget that football is a team game. Too many players worry about what they want and putting their own wants and desires over that of the team. Quite frankly that is one of the reasons I decided to hang up my cleats. Personally I'd rather be Charles Haley (5 Super Bowl rings - 2 SF 3 Dal) than Dan Marino (set many passing records in his time but never won a Super Bowl). Or put another way what I'm saying is I'd rather be a on a team of mediocre talent who overachieved and were a great team than be on a team with great players who underachieved and never fulfilled their full potential. The only individual rings they do in football is for the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio (which I don't see anyone at this level getting there). Guarantee you this...guys like Dan Marino, Jim Marshall and the Purple People Eaters, the old L.A. Rams with the Fearsome Foursome, Jim Kelly and any Hall of Famer who didn't win a Super Bowl would trade that Hall of Fame for a Super Bowl ring anytime.

Football championship rings don't symbolize great individual accomplishments... they symbolize great TEAM accomplishments. They represent a group of guys who were willing to sacrifice their own individual goals for that of the goal of the team.

If anyone here watches the Big Ten Network it's basically summed up like this.... 1997 Michigan football team (and I hate Michigan - full disclosure) was trying to set their team goals for the season. Most of them were individual or Offensive/Defensive minded goals. It was after a few days of debate where Charles Woodson stood up and said the goal they would live by for that season...... Win. Quite simple, do what it takes to win and all the other accolades will take care of themselves.

Another problem is the guys nowdays don't want to/or are unwilling to do the work it takes to win games. Too many crybabies expect everything handed to them instead of going out and doing the work to earn the win. Ask yourselves one thing... how many of your teams did alot of cardio (and when I say team I mean everyone at practice was on the line running sprints in the heat/cold/rain). I don't know how many times during my playing days where we defeated our opponents simply because our team was in better shape physically. That again goes back to putting ones ego aside and putting to team goals above your own egos/wants/goals. I'm certain around the area when it came time to do cardio that's when some guys conveniently decided "Oh I gotta go now." or simply said "F$%^ that I'm not running." That is the exact point where teams lose games/championships.

Sadly I'm sure the only guys who will read this are the guys who already know this or have done this and not the guys who really need to hear and take it to heart.

Dave Clawson

Re: Just Venting

Nice Post Dave aka 'The Undertaker'