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Supa Fan, INSPF, and the CRFL

After a taxing year as commissioner, a third year operating INSPF ( and a 4 month stunt in running Supa Fan’s Site (or in that case, following the IP address of what people have posted and weighing the added responsibility) I have, after much thought and prayer, taken steps to resign all three roles. I am also going changing my focus from promoting the Indiana Semi Pro Community to maintaining full focus on the team I associate with and professional indoor opportunities.

I have become disheartened at not only the actions of those “few nameless haters” but the decision from leaders of teams in this state to insert themselves into issues that don’t impact their own team or league in order to stir the pot in attempts to cause a team or league turmoil, all in the effort order to improve their team’s standing or persuade players into joining their team due to the exaggeration of such issues. I also have total disdain for a few owners this past season that have went to the extremes to publically and privately bring down their own league and promote the same actions of their own players, with one going so far as to actively start rumors of mergers and recruit in season to create tension in an divisional opponent.

The man in the mirror - I started INSPF three years ago in order to promote semi-pro in our state, to create a informational directory of teams, leagues, and scores in our state. I started ranking teams and linking to supa-fan in order to drive traffic and ad revenue to help cover the operating cost of the site and make a few dollars for compensation of the endless hours of research, score searching, and reporting. I have FULLY PAID for supa fan’s cost the past two years, and this past year refused to support the thing it had become. Supa gave me the opportunity to edit the board at my discretion, but again after discussion with a few friends, and supa himself, decided to walk away from the chance to “play god.” Sure, I have in the past made post in order to keep spinning the crap, but after watching this past year unfold, gaining a new viewpoint, and grew a few years older, can’t continue in good faith.

I applaud the decision of supa to have taken the steps he has. I believe he has step up to place for the community to post while maintaining responsibility. Maybe in 2012 we all learned a lesson or two. I have learned many. and will be shut down at the end of the month and domains will be put up for sell. They have counted for 66,000 visitors, 175,000 pageviews, and a revenue of $400 this past year. Maybe you can continue the torch started years ago by sports reporter and succeed where I have not.

I have paid my dues and put in my time for this community, good or bad depending on your view, but I am moving on to other opportunities. A record number of new teams have popped up this offseason already 10 of which have applied for the CRFL should the current teams decided to continue the league this weekend. I still stand by my theory that 1 league for Indiana is stronger than two, but after the treatment by a few owners this past season, I understand why some will let others weed out the crap first. For those new teams, I leave you with a tip - I have learned a LOT about running a team, what it takes, what you can expect, the highs the lows, the fact that you will lose money, the fact that you will have player issues, jersey issues, home field issues. Thats part of running a team. Jim Irsay has faced these issues before, so will you. My best suggestion if you want to start a team, find people who have done it before, get them to help you, get as many people that have history (+5 years) in semi-pro on your team, players, coaches, staff. Your expectations will be kept in check; your ambitions as well.