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I've seen some references in posts I've read on this board to fights breaking out during games and the challenges all our teams face in keeping all the aggression of a game to where it's all "between the whistles". We've adopted some things that have been helpful to us in this area, and I wanted to pass them along------

One thing the Nashville Storm have done for our home games is offer a $500-grade sponsorship (which not only includes significant advertising benefits but 75 free game tickets as well on a sponsorship of that value/grade) to any local restaurant/caterer who will PROVIDE A FREE POSTGAME MEAL IN THE STRATFORD HS CAFETERIA TO ALL THE PLAYERS AND STAFF ON BOTH TEAMS AFTER ONE STORM HOME GAME. We were able to obtain restaurant sponsors to do these events following 4 of our 2012 home games.

In another variation of the same idea, at the NFA Championship weekend on September 29, the host team of the championship game (Atlanta Prime) hosted a Atlanta Prime-Nashville Storm postgame afterparty at an area sports bar where players and staff on both teams and fans of both teams got to come together and celebrate a tremendous Championship game.

While no strategy is 100% foolproof, we've found that doing postgame events like these that brings both the teams together in fellowship helps minimize the outside-the-whistles "unsportsmanlike extracurriculars" in football games. This is an emotional sport, but players are probably less likely to deliver the after-the-whistle cheap shot to an opponent if they know they'll be breaking bread or even something more "adult" with their opponents following the game.

Bill Caldwell
President- Nashville Storm