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It's absolutely ridiculous that this team is even invited to Florida. How have they earned it? They won the absolute weakest league in the Midwest. They couldn't even do that undefeated. They arnt even the best team in Indianapolis, he'll they arnt even second or third. Tornadoes , mustangs and generals would all smash them. This is 100% because Dennis Morris runs the rankings. Your a joke dude. No way any player actually honestly believes they deserve to play in that game. The only good thing is that they will be humiliated down there. Unless somehow Dennis sets up the easiest match up ever. No chance they even score vs Racine who actually deserve to be in that game. Going undefeated in the best league in Midwest. Again, what a joke.

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Thank you so much for your support. I wouldn't consider the CRFL the weakest league in the midwest when you play teams like the Cardinals, Spartans, Revolution(the Regular Season Team, Not this past weekend put together team), Force and Crush. I promise you any of those teams could compete in the ANY league. If I recall, the Revoution beat the Generals during a preseason game, and the Crusaders beat the Revolution 3 times this year. On what grounds do you believe the Generals would "beat the breaks off us?" Here are a couple of other Ranking sites that Dennis Morris has nothing to do with. Has us Ranked 8th! Has us ranked 9th!

and of course Dennis Morris and Dick Suess has us ranked 4th

Now I'm not saying we are the best team in Indiana but to say we wouldn't compete is just ignorant.

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Yes man i agree there only good when they have there own refs and how do they affor a trip like that when have of them live with there mom,dont have a job ,dont have a car

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It's called a GREAT STAFF!!! We will think of all you guys while we are sitting on the Miami Beach in January

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J. Morris -

You guys had a wonderful year. No matter how many haters you have, it will not take anything away from the season that you had. Congrats.

As far as the result from a game between the 2012 CRFL Champion Crusaders and the 2012 (4-6) Indiana Generals, the result will not be known UNLESS this game were to be played. The Generals are still willing to play a game against you if you are willing. I know that many people would LOVE to see this game, and it would sure be exciting. We can either agree to donate all the money to charity, or you can use this as a fundraisor for your trip to Florida and the two teams could split the profits of this game. You could also run YOUR concessions and use that money for your 'Florida' fund as well.

What do you say Mr. Morris? Two Indianapolis teams playing a football game for a good cause/fundraisor? No gimmicks, just football? Game could be held at Roncalli if you would like. We just want to play.

If you accept this challenge or not, I want to say CONGRATS again for an excellent season! I look forward to hearing how the Crusaders represented Indianapolis in Florida.

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Where can I buy my ticket?

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Thank you for the congratulations and the offer to play the Indiana Generals however, we are currently focused on one goal and that is the AA National Championship. I know many people will state that we are "backing down" from the challenge but any educated owner knows that the risk of losing a player due to an injury outweighs the additinal money we could earn from this game. I would love to set something up for the 2013 Pre-season because I know this would be a huge game in Indianapolis that most would love to see. Please get in contact with me so we can get all the details together for next year. Once again, thank you for the support. Good luck next year!!

Jeremy Morris
Marion County Crusaders

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Mr. Morris,

Next preseason it is. Good luck in Nationals!