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St Joe County Jaguars Team Info meeting

St Joe County Jaguars will be holding our first team info meeting:

When: Saturday November 3, 2012

Where: Centre Township Library 1150 East Kern Rd. South Bend, Indiana 46614

Time: 2 pm

Looking for serious, experienced and dedicated players who are looking for a change, professional and classy organization.

If you have any questions comments or concerns please contact Coach Thompson via email everything possible will be covered at the meeting.


Re: St Joe County Jaguars Team Info meeting

Will the jaguars have an active facebook page? What better way to recruit an spread the word of a new organization an for those that had to work yesterday It would be beneficial to get information this way. Do not just post limited information on here, spread the word via facebook, myspace, twitter there are so many ways these days i would like to see a team from south bend actually survive longer than a couple years! The spartans as most can read are comming close to extinction! I read on here every week on how spartans ownership mishandled money and didn't pay certain bills and rumor has it most players do not want to return their, and a proper home feild is now impossible for them, no one wants to play ball at a park with no goal posts its just a shame an embarrassing! I hope this organization does what other south bend organizations couldn't! The more people/public are informed an have a good understanding on how you are as a character and how you plan on running your team you will get players an contend in whatever league you get into! BUT SPREAD THE WORD VIA INTERNET! HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE! A MYSPACE PAGE! TWITTER! AN ACTUALLT CHECK AN UPDATE IT EVERYDAY OR EVERY OTHERDAY. Once you create these web pages post the i.p. address on here an advertise it in the local communitiesan surrounding cities! I (an mfsl vet) could even come out of retirement to feel that electrifying game day experience Once more! Keep us imformed an do it creatively honestly and occasionally not just once every couple weeks! Hope to see your team prosper as many have failed or are on the verge of it!

Re: St Joe County Jaguars Team Info meeting

I played on the Spartans this past year. I enjoyed it alot. The problem was the dedication wasn't there by the players. As far as the money thing who really freakin cares, we paid our fees, had a place to play, was never asked for more money and fees were cheap. Also Spartans management said all players play free next year. So I would say they are doing something right. I will be returning to the Spartans next year unless they close up shop. Now I got info on the Jaguars and from my understanding the two people that created all the problems and drama on our team is helping run the Jaguars and missed almost every practice as well. SPARTANS time next year, ya dig.