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AFNT AA & AAA Rankings for games played through 7-6-2013

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American Football News Today AA National Rankings For The Summer/Fall Leagues Top 20 Teams Games Played Through 7-6-2013 By Dennis Morris (Minimum Of 3 Games Played)

1- Minnesota Sting MPFL 9-0 425-98
2- Southern Ohio Buckeyes NFFL 8-0 340-34
3- Ohio Golden Knights OFL 9-0 366-77
4- Rock County Rage IFL 3-0 144-27
5- Quad City Wolfpack UNFL 3-0 127-14
6- Milwaukee Hurricanes IFL 3-0 62-27
7- Nassau Punishers FSFL 3-0 84-18
8- Mississippi Maddogs MFL 8-1 192-66
9- Cincinnati Hawks NFFL 6-1 248-91
10- Northwest Ohio Knights CRFL 7-0 230-43

ACFA- Atlantic Coast Football Alliance
CFA- California Football Alliance
CCFL- Central Carolinas Football League
CRFL- Crossroads Football League
FSFL- Five Star Football League
HOSFL- Heart Of The South Football League
IFL- Ironman Football League
MFL- Magnolia Football League
MPFL- Midwest Premier Football League
MSFL- Mountain State Football League
NEFL- New England Football League
NFFL- Northern Frontier Football League
NLFL- Northern Lights Football League
NXFL- Northern Xtreme Football League
OFL- Ohio Football League
SAFL- Southern American Football League
TFL- True Football League
UNFL- United National Football League
WSFL- Wisconsin State Football League

American Football News Today AAA National Rankings For The Summer/Fall Leagues Top 20 Teams Games Played Through 7-6-2013 By Dennis Morris (Minimum Of 3 Games Played)

1- Central Penn Piranha RAFL 5-0 242-27
2- Columbus Fire HFL 9-0 383-40
3- Oklahoma Thunder GDFL 7-0 330-62
4- Buffalo Bulldogs NFSPF 7-0 241-14
5- Des Moine Blaze MFA 7-0 298-42
6- Indianapolis Tornados GDFL 7-0 286-38
7- Ohio Legends HFL 9-0 462-92
8- Denver Pirates CFC 8-0 359-46
9- South Carolina Venom GDFL 9-0 266-71
10- Detroit Seminoles GLFL 5-0 149-53
11- Fox Valley Force NEFL 7-0 234-88
12- South Buffalo Celtics SPF 5-0 189-51
13- Washington Cavaliers WWFA 6-0 134-43
14- Chicago Cardinals GMFL 5-0 152-80
15- Flint Fury GLFL 4-0 98-49
16- Richmond County Golden Bears CEFA 3-0 94-35
17- Memphis Dolphins GDFL 6-1 300-61
18- Detroit Ravens GMFL 5-1 190-112
19- Muskegon Mustangs GMFL 5-1 260-83
20- Midwest Chargers GMFL 5-1 227-71

AFL- Alliance Football League
BEFF- Big East Football Federation
BNFF- Big Northeast Football Federation
CELA- Carolinas Elite Football Alliance
CFC- Colorado Football Conference
EFL- Eastern Football League 
EMFL- Empire Football League
GLFL- Great Lakes Football League
GMFL- Great Midwest Football League
GDFL- Gridiron Developmental Football League
HFL- Heartland Football League
LCFL- LaBelle Community Football League 
MDFL- Mason-Dixon Football League 
MSFL- Mid-States Football League 
MFA- Midwest Football Alliance
NFA- National Football Association
NFSPF- National League Of Semi-Pro Football
NEEFL- New England Football League
NFA- Northeastern Football Alliance
NEFL- Northern Elite Football League 
PWFL- Pac West Football League 
PSFL- Premier South Football League 
RAFL- Regional American Football League
SPF- SPF The League
UFAL- United Football Alliance League
WWFA- Western Washington Football Alliance
WMFL- World Minor League Football