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Re: Best Coach not Currently Coaching

After seeing the thread on best coaches not coaching. i thought id continue that talk by adding which of those coaches should make a comeback in 2014 and bring back a team? Out of all the (best) coaches not coaching now only a very select few coaches have kept a team longer than 3 seasons! Indiana titans lasted 6 seasons shamrock was close to that i believe but anyways in the semi-pro world thats a **** great stretch!!! Indiana hitmen 3 seasons now u want to talk about delane inherited a team well in that case the hitmen organization inherited the indiana Titan team and just went from a powerhouse league to a much easier league. The problem with new teams are what we have been seeing for the last 3 years. Players having a dispute and trying to start their own team none besides the hitmen have survived longer than a season! Warriors, spartans prime examples! One year teams are killing the sport. Enough of these roockie teams comming inn with new owners and coaches lets bring back owners and coaches who have had teams last 3,4,6,7 Years Players would know that coaches and owners who have had teams last in the past have a good chance of being able to build a championship team because they know there team will be there past a season! Now i have read alot of teams folding due to lack of players and commitment but thats bullsh**!! All last season i read that the crfl blitz had no more than 16 guys each week and they played a whole season like that toughed it out and look at them now 5-1 with a much higher roster size! More teams should follow the blitz tough it out and keep it going instead of closing shop for the season or ever! Now enough chat lets get some of these coaches/owners back!! Now who do you think should attempt the comeback?

Re: Best Coach not Currently Coaching

I would like to see the Hitmen come back. I liked the Titans but they needed just a little bit more organization. The Hitmen covered that. They should both join heads and make a powerhouse team. Both owners need to get their head out of their asses and make it happen.

Re: Best Coach not Currently Coaching

To any of these coaches or owners looking to start it back in 2014 i say prepare now!! Get it going looking for a feild, recruiting players, having monthly meetings to go over x's and o's the more you prepare now the better you will be in 2014!