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I would just like to say to all the Bulldogs who have given up since the championship that I question your Heart and Commitment to the team. Brain and Chad have worked hard to keep the team going all these years and most of you just dont care about playing or are satisfied with 1 championship. It is sad we cant even attempt to honor our championship season by trying to protect our trophy. I know alot of people are busy but 2 and 3 people at practice during the month of June is just plain sad. I had alot of fun last year and not just winning PLAYING THE GRATEST SPORT EVER!!!!!!! If you truly love the game you would just show up but you cant evern make it as a weekend warrior so now we have now season. It would take a miracle for this year but I truly dont see it. Some of you have showed up every week and I applaud you but your brothers have failed ya, the same guys you went to battle with the last few years are throwing in the towel. I am going to miss it this year real bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(ps anyone need a QB?)

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So are you saying that the towel has been thrown in for sure. I am just wondering if this is a fact or not.

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Brian Raber is making that call.

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Spawn #4,

The news does not sound good for the Bulldogs. Adams County might be looking for players. I am sure Wayne could use more guys, but I do not know. The distance isn't to bad for you. Some guys travel farther than that to play. Wayne is a great guy, and will build a good organization in Adams County. I know I would play for him.

Good luck,

Scorpions #69

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Where am I?