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ifl dirty laundry

ive got to voice this opinion. there is entirely too much bickering on this site. we all know what coaches disgrace the league and why that is so. whether they are calling out other coaches or players from another team while on the field. you all are suppose to be the LEADERS. no wonder you have so much damn trash talking. ATTITUDE REFLECT LEADERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with all this negative talk let the league board do the laundry after the season. if a team wants to try to win a cheap championship, so be it. if teams want play dirty, let them disgrace themselves.

this isnt intended to single any one individual out. this is a summary of our league in general. quite honestly, you all know who you are and the crap that you are bringing to the table.

quite frankly, one of the few teams you dont hear about are the cougars. they are quiet and classy. when you have you ever seen a team of 25 with no coach go out and take care of business week after week and not complain, call out other teams or coaches or bitch about the refs. they are the only team that truly puts in all the effort and deserves the championship. for the record, i do not play for them or are in their fanbase. i just call it like i see it.

gentleman and ladies, have a good evening

Re: ifl dirty laundry


I take it that you have limited the scope of your comments to the IFL because that is the league with which you are most familiar, but I can promise you that many of your criticisms apply to other organizations as well. Your critique of the failings of these teams (insofar as not nearing the realization of potential is a failure) is dead on. Too often, teams get shockingly little out of the talent they have because of the reasons you mentioned.

I want to add my voice in praise of the MCC- an organization of solid athletes that speaks with their pads, not on messageboards or after the whistle. They've even made a relatively recent improvement on the website side of things- you should all go check it out.

Re: ifl dirty laundry

Great post to both of you, it is so funny you can tell the generation gaps by the type of post people write. The only comment I have to display is that I am a firm believer of 'What comes around goes around'.
Good things happen to people who deserve it.

Supra, keep up the good work, and good luck to all in the playoffs [except the Broncos.....JK]


Re: ifl dirty laundry

WTF was that about someone needs to relax if you have a problem make you point please!!! If you are with the cougars just say it if not then dont even bring them into it. Good for them they don't talk they don't need to. So don't speak for them. Are you even a player or in any time of position to have an opinion. We are handling things very well in the IFL if you have a problem go to one of the meetings and make your claim. Other wise lay off if this isn't meant for one group or person then you are stating it towards all of us so lay off.

Re: ifl dirty laundry

You see, this is what I am talking about. I didn't pass any direct blame. I gave credit where credit is due by using examples. I didnt attack you and yet you try to blow this up. If you read my post I said that I am in no way affiliated with the MCC. I just know that they are classy in what they do. You should read everything before you pass judgement sir. Good day.

Re: ifl dirty laundry

Your are putting down the IFL if you don't like then you don't have to be a part of it plain and simple. Thats what i meant...
And don't bring people into this.
You might have complimented the Cougars but there a can't control each other just like my team mates can't control what i put on here and i can't control what they do. But there is good guys in the IFL who don't say anything at all. And you are putting them down too.

Re: ifl dirty laundry

I have not made this personal and I will do what I can to keep it that way. My original post was made in regards to what I have seen. My whole point is of course you can't control your teammates. That is what the coach is for. However I have seen coaches act more childish than their players. Attitude reflect leadership, do you remember that phrase?
I used the cougars because they are the most obvious example of a classy team that does things right, and they have no said coach. They have a great collective leadership.
If that offends you I am sorry. No actually I am not for people should give credit where credit is due.

Re: ifl dirty laundry

I guess you have never played the cougars at there place. Because if you had you would not be saying these things.

Re: ifl dirty laundry

ok, i want to clear this up. i was not intending on giving the cougars a love fest. I was basing the EXAMPLE on what I have seen and heard.

the whole point is that there are some coaches that need to act like coaches and less like (you can fill this in). I am not putting down the league, it is a great league and I feel the people that are disgracing the league need to be removed. I hope to attend meetings in the off season to help revamp some rules and policies to head off a lot of the controversies surrounding this season.