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Darke County host Generals

Whomever this may concern,

First off, congradulations on the big W against Madison County, would of loved to watch that one. Also congrats on first seed and home field advantage.

I might be out of place or the situation might of already been taken care of, but I would like to address the situation while we are two weeks away from the game. Round 7 you hosted us, the Generals, and we had to play on that area I guess some might consider a field. I know it was a problem for both teams as I watched one of your guys get carried off the field due to one of the holes in it. I also realize the Little League was playing on your guy's regular field. Will your regular field be available for the play offs, if not, maybe the staff of Darke County and the Generals could agree with a later time when it might be available.

I am sure this issue is already being addressed and is a priorty of Darke County. I just wanted to make sure so there will be less chance for injuries for either team, we might need'em for 2nd round.

Thank you and looking forward to the trip to Ohio, looks like the only wins we get are on the road, lol.


Re: Darke County host Generals

Hey Cupp,

Man, I don't think that we have ever been each others biggest fan, but after yesterdays game, I have found new respect for you. You have to be one of the cleanest and classiest players I have ever lined up against. No mouth, no trash, no cheap B.S. Thanks for the game. Tell T-Cupp I said what's up.

Good luck!

Tim Boyd
P.S Hope I made life hell for you yesterday!

Re: Darke County host Generals


I appreciate the compliment, now I might be able to talley up my total of two fans, lol. I was really impressed with you also, you were a great leader on defense and I noticed you taking control of guys that were trash talking. That was great! It is now monday and I am still having trouble getting around, I still can't lift my arms above my chest. You definatly gave me a work out.

Ever want to get together, let me know, we can exchange stories about Carnes, LMAO!!! Best of luck next week against Madison County

Thanx Again,