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concerned player

I would still like to know what #32 for the Longhorns did that would be considered cheap shots. Because instead of slandering his name you could tell what one of his team mates specifically what he did so we can talk to him about it. Other wise i will take this as an attempt to sway other teams and officials against someone who plays very well for us.

I am not calling you out or cause problems but i would really like to know the facts so we can deal with it other wise we have nothing to tell him.

Re: concerned player

just to be clear, i'm not trying to stir things up just being honest. i can think of several times both this year and last whether in the backfield or at tight end or on special teams, but that guy is all about punching on the bottom of the pile (one kidney punch that stands out), cheap shots after the whistle and running his mouth all the time. there is no doubt that he is a good player which makes me wonder why he has to be so dirty.

i hope that this will be specific enough for you and once again the reason i bring this up is that most of the longhorns are really class acts even that rodich guy

seriously, tell faruq not to be such a cheap shot artist and he will get more respect for his talents.

Re: concerned player

I will talk to him about that and see what we can do.

Thanks for the info
That Rodich Guy