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Hey Lafayette- What's the Deal with Effingham?

Did they really just call you and concede like that? Did you really just destroy their will that badly or are there some other issues going on?

What do you all have in store to go down to Bellville and turn things around?

Re: Hey Lafayette- What's the Deal with Effingham?

Hey Supa, The lions have had a very strange and difficult season. First I think the MFL has much better parity this year with 4 good teams that could beat each other on any given saturday. The lions have spent much of this season building chemistry and becoming a team. The offense has outscored every team in the MFL despite losing the 2004 mfl mvp half way through the season. We also have lost are all star QB, so we have a lot of young players stepping up our QB has grown all year and is now very comfortable and confident and it shows. Our rookie RB is a pounder he inflicts pain along with are almost 300lb FB we have become a very physical team. The lion D has also picked up some stud rookies as well as the vets we already have.This defense is playing well together and is capable of scoring with the many playmakers on this D. As far as effingham goes I dont think they could get enough players together to make the long trip. Looking ahead the rematch with the Justice should be physical my call is lions 24 justice10 and in the champ. game steel 14 lions 28 This is are year for the rings and I think this team truly believes that will happen. Thanks for your calls supa it gives us something to shoot for