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The wranglers got their first win of the year. I did not think that it would take this long but congrats to your team .
First i will do my picks, then my thoughts.


One team seems to have found their path while the other seems to have fallen off the map.
With a two game game skid the Pirates seem to be playing like most thought that they would & thats like rookies & and a first year team.
I have seen the Pirates play 4 times this year,
they have talent no doubt, but they seem to lack leadership and focus.
The only plus is the Defense.
Besides the Broncos game(and yes i was there) this D has been amazing.
And for the record the QB for the warriors did not get in the endzone in OT- #71 Had him stuffed.
71- you are true baller.
As for the Wranglers these new players seem to have given them new life, and that what all teams need going into the playoffs.
I dont know if the Pirates have just plane given up or what but the 1-6 wranglers will be more than the are ready for, special teams will hurt the pirates once more!

Wranglers 7 Pirates 6

This is not to put down any team what so ever, if this makes you mad its only becuase it's the truth.

All coaches in this league want a good number of players, most would like 30-40 players.
In those 30-40 players they hope to get two or three leaders on both sides of the ball.
they hope to get players that are team players. (something that is missing in football now a days)
So from a coaches point of view they have to work with what they have- they can only teach the players or coach them to the coaches best abilities- they can not make the player study a playbook or learn more about the game- or play the game for them.
They players love the game of football and thats why they are out there.
Now a team has been practicing all year and playing all year and the in the middle of the season you bring more people along, what does that show the players that the coach thinks about his players.
The player being replace thinks that the coach does not care about him and that its all about winning.
well what are these coaches going to do if the backups leave the team and then the "NEW PLAYER" gets hurt?
Football is a team sport- its a family- the players who came out for the team or family, came to be apart of the team from day before a practice or a down was played- they believed in the family or team from day one- shouldnt the coaches do the same.
I mean if your sister has a big nose and bad hair do you not let her in the family picture- do you get a good looking girl to stand in for her?
for all the teams that have stuck with the same players from day one i have much respect for your team- for those who have added players well just ask your back ups how they are doing.

Re: Picks & thoughts

ifl sports reporter. i understand what you are saying about how the back ups feel, but the team already knew that the guys we added to the team were coming. so this is no surprise to them. they have been on the roster all year and they have even came to practices before their time of playing. im tired of all this crap being posted bout how teams have added players to their roster. you know what, that broncos added nine guys to their roster and i have had no complaints to them adding on. we did it in a manner that is under the league rules. we did nothing wrong and im really gettin sick and tired of people posting that we found a loop hole in the rules. we are going by the league rules and have done nothing wrong. to the teams who are pi@##$ bout this well get over it. these guys are going to be around for years to come now. i as captain am perfectly ok with them joining our team and we have already talked to the team bout it and they are okay with it. if there is one thing i dont want to happen its that we lose players over this. now just drop this whole thing bout adding players to the team/family b/c we didnt add them to the team/family, they have been on the team/family the whole season. good luck to the pirates tomorrow. i am looking forward to playing you guys. i have heard a lot of things bout your defense and i will finally be able to see for myself up close and personal. good luck

Re: Picks & thoughts

Not to contradict your statements Sports Reporter, but I feel that adding players is not so much the coach as it is the players already on the team. In a league of this sort the players usually have more to do with recruiting and word of mouth advertising than the coaches do. Possibly because the players outnumber the coaches. The lack of media attention puts it in the players hands to get the word out to the community's ball players about the team.

This is the reason that you have alot of players saying they don't mind guys coming in during the season. Every player on the sideline in every football game wants to see their team win. Some teams probably did know that were going to get players late in the season (Wranglers). When that team was on the sidelines during the first six games of the season (losing ALL of them) they were probably all thinking 'Wait 'til we get Bott and the Huttis brothers, we'll show you'. Sure enough, the Three Musketeers rode in and won. Congrats on your first win Musketeers you have made the Wranglers proud. "All for us and none for y'all" Oops, sorry Musketeers, "All for one and one for all".

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in the wranglers case they knew from the start what was going on, i understand that

Re: Picks & thoughts

Good Post Mr IFLSports reporter. One of your best yet. As the season goes on, you too have improved P.S. good analogy with the ugly sister thing

Re: Picks & thoughts

I picked a booger out of my nose...and thought about eating it.