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Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

October is nearly upon us and after this week, lots of teams will be calling it quits. Imagine for a moment how long it is until May..for most of you, that will be the next time that you get an opportunity to play the game if you lose this weekend, so leave it all on the line and make sure you've got no regrets.

Let's get it on!

Lafayette Lions @ Belleville Justice

Talk about getting the freeking monkey off your back, the Justice have been a thorn in the Lions' paw for as long as I can remember and even since they had a different name. The Lions had the door shut on the Justice back in the regular season and gave the game away. Since that point, the Lions have had a resurgence despite still being shorthanded on offense. Here's the deal, I've made no secret of the fact that I really like this organization, and am aching for them to win the damn title, but when I pick them in the playoffs, they lose. Therefore, I will take an unprecedented step and pick the Lions to lose- so they will win. It's all good, though- they'll still arrive back in Lafayette to find the town ravaged by the Irish horde as it decimates not just the Boilers, but the whole of Tippecanoe county.

Justice 21
Lions 17

Indiana Mustangs @ Central Ohio Lions

In the days of yore, a trip to Fairborn in October was tantamount to a nice game of 5 bullet roulette. This team is still a powerhouse, but have proven that they are not unbeatable. The Mustangs have been up and down and played great defense the whole year long. The Lion offense has taken off of late, but not in terms of raw yardage. The COL has been much more opportunistic than early in the season, and I have every reason to expect that that will continue, and that the game will be very similar to the first meeting back in July. Sadly, as good as these two teams are, there will be no MCFL title among them.

Lions 21
Mustangs 15

South Central Broncos @ Madison County Pirates

It is clear that the Broncos have proven me wrong again and again this season, and that they are on a hell of a run. Over the course of the last 5 games, their offense has scored points when they've needed to and played great D when needed as well. There's no question that the influx of Tornados have helped their cause. The Pirates, on the other hand, have lost 2 straight and did not get the opportunity to play the confidence booster against the Wranglers. All of that adds up to a clear Bronco win, but consider the following: the Pirates should have beaten the Broncos at home with all of their new talent, and the Pirates were winners in the game in Anderson. Though the teams are going in different directions, this game is about match-ups, and the Pirates match up well against the Broncos. Add in the fact that we are talking about Dane Hill in October- and again- at home- and one has to give the edge to the Pirates. One thing is clear: the winner of this one will be in the title game- that I will bet the farm on.

Pirates 26
Broncos 24

West Ohio Wranglers @ Mercer County Cougars

So the Wranglers have some help on offense and a new attitude. I have no doubt that they are a better team and are capable of more than their one league win suggests, but they have to go to Ft Recovery in the playoffs- a venue that is not kind to its guests. The Wrangler passing game will come to life- or at least closer to life than it has in the past- but the Cougars have the best pass rush in the league. It may not be so much that the Wranglers will not move the ball, but that they will be hemorrhaging turnovers. Timms and the Cougar running game will tear down the Wrangler defense- even if the latter come up with a big play of their own. If the Wranglers stay in the IFL, things will only get better. They're a solid organization and have the respect of their peers- even if they won't get a first year playoff win.

Cougars 31
Wranglers 12

Hendricks County Generals @ Darke County Warriors

To invoke an earlier theme, this game is all about match-ups, and these two teams clearly match-up well. On paper and in the W/L column, the Warriors are the clear favorites, in particular in the playoffs. The bottom line is that by now Troy and Beef know one another well enough to know that this game is gonna be close, whether the experts think it should be or not. When the Generals' passing game is clicking- things will stay close, but the Warriors are known to take the ball away and destroy your morale. The difference for the Warriors from a year ago is that their passing offense- meant to be only a supplement to the running game, has turned the ball over too many times itself. As mentioned above, the winner of this game is only as good as the divisional runner up, but runner up the Warriors shall be. Defense carries the day, but not by much.

Warriors 18
Generals 14

Lagrange County Longhorns @ Kosciusco County Mustangs

This has been a disappointing year for the Mustangs, who are an offensive line away from being a title contender- but without the hogs, they are a meager 4-4. The Longhorns have been riding a roller-coaster this season as well, but are clearly disappointed in the 2005 campaign. Along with the Wranglers, they made up a north division that was destined to fight for a distant second to a dominant Cougars squad. Because the Longhorn pass rush and coverage is not a threat, you can count on the Mustangs to have success with the pass. Because the Mustang front 7 are inconsistent and out of shape, you can count on the Longhorns to run the ball well, For me, it really comes down to that Mustang defense. If it turns into a shoot out, they will be vulnerable to the Longhorn upset. If old Santa Sid can play ball control offense, this should be a Mustang win. The one thing clearly in the Longhorns' favor is that they want it more. My feeling, though, is that that will not be enough. By the time the Longhorn caravan passes the Malt-o-Meal factory on SR 15, they'll realize that they are in Warsaw, and that history is stacked against them.

Mustangs 35
Longhorns 22

Lake County Steelers @ Chicago Falcons

The Steelers get to limp their way to the finish line and get a whipping boy to beat up on before the miserable 2005 season is over. The Falcons are likely the worst team in Metro Chicago that has not yet folded, and they may do so before this game. The Steelers, who suffered from low numbers and few linemen- should win the day, but will have nothing but trouble in the Mid-States Tourney. Enjoy your W, fellas- and hit the recruiting trails in the off season. Lake County is big enough to support a quality team...hell- Hobart is good enough to support a quality team.

Steelers 24
Falcons 12

Illinois Firehawks @ Central Indiana Bears

With all apologies to my man JC, I am still withholding the title of unstoppable to his squad- as I remember the Vipers and the Broncos both did a decent job of stopping the Bears in the early going. This is a damn good team, though- and they are fortunate for having played the busy schedule in the early going. Their run game has come a long way, and their pass defense continues to be opportunistic. The Firehawks are no joke, but have not traveled well- and they'll be facing their longest trip of the season. If the Bears establish a running game and stick to it, it should be all good, and JC can talk it up another week. They'll get the W and head down town to rock the Circle City Classic and make noise.

Bears 26
Firehawks 18

Indiana Titans @ Northwest Indiana Hitmen

Not having followed the Hitmen in a while, I was surprised to see that they are in fact having a very solid year in a very solid league. This is an interesting decision by Gambrel and company so close to playoff time. The Titans are clearly playing some of their best ball of the season, and there is no reason to expect that there will be a letdown. The young Titan quarterback has finally settled down, and has gotten some recent help at receiver as well. I have to believe that the Titans scheduled this game because it was winnable and that even a loss going into the playoffs was preferable to more than a month off. Having said that, it is clear that the Hitmen - especially their defense- are no joke. This is really a toss-up, but I have to trust that the Titans will come through.

Titans 28
Hitmen 25

Hardin County Wolverines @ Hoosier Hurricanes

Now THIS is a Circle City classic if I ever saw one. The Wolverines clearly added some talent from earlier on in the season- and shocked a Vipers team that was on top of the world. The Hurricanes, however, are the REAL DEAL HOLYFIELD as a wise man once said. The Hurricane defense is just silly- and you can bet that the Wolverines have not seen any team like them all season. The Hurricanes are also the fastest team in the state at full force- and they ARE playing at home. The Wolverines may have upended the Vipers' title hopes in 2005, but the Hurricanes will make sure that they do not repeat this season. On to bigger and better things for the Hurricanes.

Hurricanes 25
Wolverines 16

Miami Valley Warriors @ Michigan Steelers

Of all of the damn teams left in the LSFL- why did the Warriors end up with the Steelers? It just isn't fair. After having overcome the traditional Miami Valley late season slump, the Warriors have to face the only team that has twice beaten them this season- and they have to do it on the road. The Warrior defense has proven this season that bigger is not always better by getting to the ball and making plays. The Steeler running game is the real deal, though, and could play well in the MCFL at full speed. By any measure, the Warriors have had a successful 2005 campaign, but it will end this weekend.

Steelers 31
Warriors 28

Delaware County Chargers @ Randolph County Cougars

Earl and the Chargers have also underperformed in 2005. Coming off an overachieving and defensive minded 2004 outing, the Chargers have been lackluster on both sides of the ball and have been unable to finish close games. The Cougars looked to be the toast of the league for once, but slowly dropped into mediocrity as the turnovers and stalled offensive drives left their defense unable to overcome mistakes. In this way, the border battle is not much of a battle at all, but a fight for who really wants to make the trip to Brazil. My guess is that Zeb and his crew have more talent- but the winner in this one faces certain elimination in the next round.

Cougars 22
Chargers 16

Adams County Patriots @ Grant County Scorpions

Wayne and his crew have at times looked like the team they hoped to be in 2005, but a short bench and a lack of experience have left them at 2-4 and facing elimination. True to form, the Scorpions have endured the long preseason and are in position to win the MFL title after a murderous trip in the early going. By not turning the ball over and beginning to sustain drives, the Scorpion offense has put itself in position to score, and when they score points, their defense can hold its own with any squad in the MFL. Props to Wolf and his Patriots- and things can only get better next season. The Scorpions move closer to that MFL title, and closer to an inevitable date with the Wildcats on the 15th.

Scorpions 23
Patriots 6

Okay, kiddies. I'm tired and have to get rested up before a big weekend of football. Please make some memories this weekend and don't have any regrets.

Oh, and uh....make your mommas proud.

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh boys, oh boys oh boys oh boys. I don't know fella's, I havn't been this pumped up in I dont know how long. for two weeks i've tried to keep this bottled in, it's damn near at it's end. Now this is football! Good luck to everyone this weekend!!!
The Herd will be in Warsaw at 2 o'clock on the dot in our drop tops cruising the streets.
Peace love Lig-Town YeYaaaaHHH

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).


The Scorps and Pats have a bye week this week, as do the Cats.

On that notes, as a team we are looking forward to facing the Patriots again. They remind us much of what we were like last year and seem to have the tools and drive for success. The Pats play hard every second of every minute of every quarter.

Knute Rockne once shouted that his team was "...gonna sweat all the way out to your fingernails!", I don't think our Oct 8 matchup will be any different.

Disciple, #20
Grant County Scorpions, OLB/SS/OG

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

I usually do not respond to your predictions. Thanks for predicting a win. But to say the winner of the Generals Warriors game is the runnerup proves to me that you have not done as much research as you lead us to believe. We beat the Pirates at Denny. Enough said. Second the Broncos scored two field goals on us and score on a turnover. This game was played at their place and only 21 of our players made the trip. The score was only 13-6. Also do not forget if we are lucky enough to get by the Generals the winner of the other game has to come to Darke County.

Keith Maloy

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).


I appreciate your concern and I take your critique seriously. With respect to my research, my authority is based on more than a review of numbers and a grounding in historical perspective. I've seen your team play this season and I know something about how these teams match-up. While it is clear to me that there is no heavy favorite in your division as with the Cougars up north, it is very hard for me to believe that either your team or the Generals will emerge from the rough and tumble battle this weekend and have enough gas in the tank to overcome either the Pirates or the Broncos. With the former of the two- it is VERY hard to beat a good team 3 times in one season and with the latter, it is clear that this team played tough with you even before their influx of talent.

Then again all you have to do is play hard and prove me wrong as you did last season in the title game- but your team has made it clear that it is not the same squad- for better or for worse- that it was in 2004.

Good luck and tell my man Grote to cut back on those chili cheese burritos.

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

hey supa thanks for the prediction. I hope that no one thinks that im bragging or anything, Im just really proud of our team and what we have accomplished since the viper and bronco game. I tell you this (not disrespect to the vipers or the broncos), if we played them today it would be different. Not saying we would automatically win, but it would be good. JC #50

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

SOOOOOO then If the Broncos win then that means Supa will have then favored over whoever comes out of the Warriors vs Generals game. What is the world coming to Supa picking the Bronco to win twice in the same season

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

hey supafan the warriors do not play the steelers this week. we play the storm this week.

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

K.C. Mustangs 26 Longhorns 12
Good hard fought game
lots of turnovers on both sides

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

Broncos 15, Pirates 12 in overtime (yes again).

That make three OT's for the Pirates they were 1-2 and all three games were at Denny Field.

Brief summary

Bronco kick Josh White drilled three field goals including a 45-yarder to tie the game and one from 27 yards out in overtime to wrap it up.

Bobby Burton scored the lone Bronco TD.

For the Pirates, performances of note.

Darryl Lowe scoring a rushing TD.
Terrrance Sevion picking off his fifth pass of the season and taking it to the house for his and the defenses 2nd touchdown. DT Conrad Slaughter 10 tackles and 2 sacks.

I'd Like to wish good luck to the Broncos and Warriors in next weeks IFL South Division Title game

Drive safe and play hard everybody.

TTFN Folks, it's been fun.
CYA next season (I hope).

I am the Q-DOGG and I am outta here.

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

I know that this will be debated or may be debated till whenever, but before I say what I intend to say let me first say this. I know that I have not seen every team in the IFL that being said if there is a better football player on anybody's team than Mr David Vance I need to see this person play. He is in my opinion the league's most valuable player. This has been a very disappointing season, but it has been a very great plaesure to have had the opportunity to watch and coach this player. Week after week this man continues to make amazing plays tonight was no different a diving catch for about 45 yards and a one handed interception that he returned nearly 75 yard only ot have it called back. I doubt that anyone of you who has seen this man play would disagree. That's my two cents good luck to the remaining teams and I guess we will try and put something together for 2006. DH80 out

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

Lafayette Lions 27 Belleville Justice 14

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

I was at the Pirates v/s Broncos game and it was GREAT! I think the key to the Broncos win was they was able to control #6. now #81 MR VANCE That was a whole other story. I have said it once and i will say it 1000 more time he is the best player in semi-pro ball! That INT he had last night was- well you had to see it to believe it.
The Broncos are who I picked at the first of the year to win it all and they are still kickin.
But the pirates had them on the ropes the whole game, with a continue swith up in the back field-with #44 plowin over everyone-you have to wonder why he did not get more carries . The broncos mixed it up the same way with their backs too.
all in all it was a fun game to see.i just keep saying to myself how good would a team be if these two teams were one.

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

Mercer County Cougars - 27
West Ohio Wranglers - 6

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

Warriors 22
generals 18

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

your right the wranglers still suck with the addition of the warriors players.

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

Might call this one an upset...

Chargers 22
Cougars 14

Next week:

Chargers at Wilcats
Patriots at Scorpions

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

Indiana Mustangs drop a nail biter to COL in the last few minutes of the game 27 - 24.

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).



See ya soon Mr. Maloy!!!

That's Jus Wack!!!

Oh Yeah and I agree with Mr. DH80, Vance is the "REEEEAALL DEEEAALLL" What a player.

Patty37 headed for Ohio!!

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

this week the broncos head to taterville(bradford dun did learned me no good) . if you take 36e to 721n, you will have to take a detour thru town due to the pumpkin festival. if you get lost just ask one of the confety covered tater appriciaters, and they will show you the way. if you dont like paper dots then we also have silly string and stink bombs that i hand crafted in my basement. its been 5 years since i last played in tater stadium, this is going to be fun.

ps i wont forget to bring the pre printed shirts that say division champs,....but thats for after the game.

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

Wow he has his shirts made out all ready. We will see saurday who is wearing what.

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

Tater Tater Tater

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

Map quest said it would be easier to take:
US127 to OH121 to TWP HWY 297 to Boyer to TWP HWY 298 and that goes straight into the HS. Is the address 750 Railroad Ave?

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

Chicago Falcons 2 Lake County Steeler 0 (Forfiet)

Illinois Firehawks 26 CI Bears 6

NW Indiana Hitmen 11 Indiana Titans 26

Next week the Titans will be traveling to Indy to face the CI Bears in a game that will decide play-off seatings for Oct 15-16th.

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

That Tater sure does me proud...


Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

Article by Mark Juen

For the first time in their four year history the Justice will not play for the MFL title after falling to the Lafayette Lions(9-2)in the semi-final game 27-14 at Little Devils Stadium Saturday night Oct. 1.

The win sends the Lions to their 3rd straight championship game where they will meet the Mid State Steel in Peoria this Saturday. Both teams will be looking for their first MFL title. The loss ends the Justice string of 3 straight championships, and ends their season with a 7-2 record and an overall record of 43-8 in 4 years.

The Lions avenged a loss suffered to the Justice last month with a balanced offense, good defense and timely special teams as they built a 24-0 lead in the first half. The only Justice score in the half came on an 85yard kickoff return by Mario Crumble with about 5 minutes left in the 2nd. quarter. Jake Trimble hit Javar Holman with the 2point conversion pass to cut the lead to 24-8 at half time.

Lafayette's only score of the second half was a 38 yard 3rd. quarter field goal by Andy Nelson. The Justice final score of the season came with 2 seconds left in the game as Jerome Muldrow scored on a 1 yard run.

The Justice coaches, players and staff would like to thank the fans for their support during the 2005 season and look forward to starting a new string of Championships next season.

We encourage everyone to check the web site during the off-season to keep up with the latest Justice news.

The Justice wishes to congratulate the Lions and wish them "GOOD LUCK" in the Championship Game against Midstate Steel, next Saturday night at Peoria Stadium.

Re: Official Predictions For October 1st (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

take us 36 e to 127 or 121 go north to childrens home bradford road go east (or right for those who are direction illiterate). C.H.B. turns into klingerat 721 go 1 football field length turn into taterville stadium .