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Incorrect Prediction for Oct 1st for the Warriors.......

Hold your horses sir, don't count us out yet. We are actually playing the Southern Michigan Storm at our house this Saturday in the 1st round of the playoffs. If we win we will either be playing the Michigan Steelers or the Lima Thunder next Saturday for the Championship game. This weeks game should be a good one also, but my darn defense better be ready to play ball this weekend and be responsible for their actions.

Coach Agee
Miami Valley Warriors

Re: Incorrect Prediction for Oct 1st for the Warriors.......'d you do against them then, coach?

Re: Incorrect Prediction for Oct 1st for the Warriors.......

Well Supafan,
We held our own against the Southern Michigan Storm. Our defense came ready to play this week and held #4 Nate Lewis (which I consider to be one of the best running backs in the LSFL) to under 100 yards and 11 points. We had 3 interceptions and one of those was returned for a TD. Our offense went to clock control and basics which wore the Storms defense down. We had a 41 yard field goal. Our special teams done a wonderful job putting us in good field position and also a blocked field goal attempt. With all that said, the final score was Miami Valley Warriors 37, Michigan Storm 11. I have to tell you though that the Michigan Storm is a very very classy organization with a lot of talent and they fought very hard till the final whistle. That is a team that anyone in semi-pro would be pleased to go against.
Now next week we have to travel to detroit Michigan for the championship game against the Michigan Steelers. We have been studying hard and making some corrections in our personel. The Michigan Steelers are good but they can be beat. I think our team actually has more heart and talent but if it turns up into a slug fest (ghetto ball) then I think we might be out manned. We will do our best and leave it all on the field next weekend and hope we can come back Sunday morning with good news of a LSFL championship ring and trophy here in Ohio.

Thanks Supafan for supporting us this season and we look forward to keeping you updated on the things to come for the Miami Valley Warrior organization.

Coach Agee
Miami Valley Warriors