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Fella's, goood game goes out to you mustang players. But I have a question concerning the officials. THIS IS NOT TAKING ANYTHING AWAY FROM YOU BOYS, nor am I making any excuses. Before the game began, I talked with sid, he made a statement that the "mustangs" chose the officials and that the HEAD official was actually from Warsaw and knows the stangs organization well. I don't know how much of this is true or not, but I think something or someone needs to get on here and explain what the hell is up with those dudes. "dudes" meaning officials. The peeps that were refing the pee wee games before ours could have done a 300% better job. Some might find this humorous and prolly know what i'm talking about, But I actually tried everything I could to get a flag thrown on me tword the end of the game just to see if they would throw one and they didnt. That proves my statement that im not taking anything away from the players because honestly we had some things that should have been called and they weren't. This was the worst officiated game I have ever "SEEN" or played in. haha, one specific incident that I can recall, something had happend and the clock should have stopped. The thing ran for like over a minute, when the ref was asked about this he stated that " I don't know nothan about it" then when asked if they had someone that watches the clock....his statement was, " I don't think so, we only have 4 refs.....if we had a 5th we could". The only time I seen one of those damn yellow things thrown was on an offsides. I would seriously like to here a response from mr. ward and someone that knows if what sid said was true. Not that it matters, but for future reffernce, shit can get figured out. I do want to nominate a ref of the year.....while the head official that called our game is well in contention, I have to give it to the old fella....don't know his name but he has white hair and wears glasses. That dude is cool as hell and calls what he sees. Possibly one of the best refs to call a game that i have played in. Props to you big guy! Good luck to everyone in the semi finals. Hemi


Our game with the Warriors had two refs. The Warriors out played us but that is pretty pathetic for a playoff game!


hemi does the ref that you are talking about, look like the teacher from south park that wears a puppet on his hand. he was the white hat for the warriors @ the pirates. poor fella was so confused. he didnt know if he should throw his hat or talk to the puppet. unkay

just kiddin.



I can assure you that we can not hand pick our officials, just like the Longhorns can not hand pick theirs. However, after seeing what a certain set of officials are like we can request that that set does not do another one of our games. Now about our game Saturday night, I believe that we had more flags thrown against us than you guys did.

Good Game
Andy Crisp


Whats up Crisp,

Honestly there was alot of calls before the ball was snapped that i was yelling at the ref about and he had his hand on the flag but then the ball would snap and he would just stand there and blow the whistle. I am definately not taking away from you guys because you out played us but at one point you guys had 12 guys break from the huttle and line up and i was yelling at the ref and he didn't even do anything about it. But on one of our field goal attempts we had 10 guys on the field and only 6 on the line and they didn't call that either. So don't think i am biased against you because i could call plenty of things against us. But i just couldn't understand it. 2 times you guys lined up with an offensive tackle at the end of the line and no reciever to his side which puts him in the position to be an elgible receiver and i told the ref and he gave me some BS excuse why he couldn't call that. Its just kinda been a problem all year for us and the teams that play against us that neither team can get a call and its kinda getting out of hand. But if you guys run that throw your guard number 99 at the tackle position then there is no question. But make sure 99 tells the refs he is not an elgible reciever because the refs never made us aware when he was in the game that he was playing with an elgible number but not in an elgible position. This is just some advice to help you guys out with some refs that might call things.

Good seeing you again Andy good luck with the playoffs and the allstar game


Crisp, thanks for the response bro..... Had I been pissed about the statement from sid. I would have told him so at the time ;) As far as the penalties, i's old news. Fact is, those dudes were terrible on both sides of the ball!! Congrats on the win. I hope number 8 is well, not sure what his injury was but hope he is ok. Hemi out


Hemi and G-Rod,

I know what you guys are saying about the games and the way that the calls have been made this year, and I can tell you this that when the league votes again about having 4 or 5 officials at a game the Mustangs vote will be for 5. In my opinion the quality of the officiating has gone down this year. I know that this is not going to help but our game could have been alot worse, I heard that the Cougars-Wranglers game only had 3 officials present. Can you guys beleive that.



I hope Andy Ward can give some insight sometime about what exactly is going on. He always seems to be a pretty good guy. I just want to know if these guys come out and just don't care that they are actually officiating or what. I mean some of the refs are pretty cool and listen but then some of them just look at us like we are trying to get an advantage against the other team rather than trying to get everyone to play by the rules. But i do have to say the official on my side of the field did a good job when it came to obvious he was about 1/3 on clipping and 1/4 on holding which is more than i have gotten all year.