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Just something to thik about

Just a little something to think about, This weekend the broncos, bron-hoes, broconados, tornado/broncos, or whatever will be traveling to Ohio to play the Darke Co. Warriors. You know the 2004 IFL Champs! The same Warriors that got all that B.S. for winning the championship in the first place. For those of you that don't remember, It went a little something like this. "Keith are you proud now you got your ring, to bad you screwed so many people and ruined the CRFL to do it". Now I supported you and the Warriors when all that S#!^ was going down. I thought it was spineless, and selfish for people to try to discredit your earnings. If you remember how that felt, you know what it feels like every time I have turned on the computer since January. Everyone has something to say about my team, my coaches, and my brothers. So-be-it guys, talk all you want. The team has worked very hard, as hard as anyone else to get where we are.

Keith, you probably are wondering "What have I done? I don't post on Supa's site". You are right, you are a true act of class, at least on the surface. Keith, we have been friends for a long time and I just expected more from you. The Broncos played by the same rules as everyone else in the league. We will be legit this Saturday, just like every other Saturday.

Everyone else. If you have bitched about playing any other team this year including us, think about this. I have told players in the past, If you catch yourself crying about playing time, or about a guy that don't come to as many practices as you starting over you. Quite looking for someone else to blame. Grow up, be a man, work harder, go to the gym and get stronger, and look more into yourself . I guess the same would apply here. Like Darryl Hill said, he welcomes the competition it makes him a better player. Now that is the words of a great competitor.

I wish good luck to everyone this weekend, I never harbor bad thoughts towards any of you. In my eyes, we are all brothers. In my eyes, I remember everyday that I am just fortunate to play this game, and that you can not take away.

"The measure of a man is not through the adversities that he faces, but how man faces his adversities".

Timothy G. Boyd #51

Re: Just something to thik about

That whole thing you just wrote was a HUGE PILE OF CRAP!!!! for 3 reasons.

1. My name was not in it.
2. You said nothing about me.
3. I saw the word Broconados, and i laughed. And I
hate laughing.

Other than that I really, really liked it alot and you make a good point. keep up the good stuff.

Re: Just something to thik about

Not EVERYONE Oh Great Leader of "The Wild Bunch"...

but I may dress up in my "Secret Suirrel" duds (you know it is close to Halloween and according to the Great Tater, there is a "pumpkin fest" in the area) and run another of my "top secret" operations with my patented "parabolic microphone" and binoculars!

On a different note, once again, since there is a pumpkin fest, will Matt be unveiling his imfamous Pumpkin underarmor once again?

Drive safely and NO MOONING ON THE ROAD!

Re: Just something to thik about

I guess I am confused about you calling me out. But I have enough respect for a true gladiator like yourself that we will talk about it Saturday.

A little confused
Keith Maloy