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MFL Playoffs!

I heard that the Patriots picked up some former Bulldogs (the best players from last years team and that great qb,rb,db) for the playoffs is it true and if it is, is it leagal?

Re: MFL Playoffs!

Well yeah we picked up some players! Have you seen our record this season, we need ALL the help we can get.

No, I'm just bein a smarta$$, we have not picked up any former Bulldog players, we have however picked up 2 new players, neither with experience at this level. Unfortunately they are only replacing 2 players that we had to let go because they didn't want to fulfill their financial commitment to the team.

Obviously either the rumor mill is working over time or an unknown individual who calls themselves a "fan" is trying to start controversy. Please leave the Patriots out of this speculation in the future.

Thank you for your concern

Re: Wayne

Had a discussion on that at practice last night.
We knew it was just a rumor, but brought on some talk from the players.

On that note:::
The Patriots are a class organization!
Wayne is building his team one block at a time for the long haul. They are a clean, hard hitting team!
Whoever started this rumor needs to back up and think before they open thier mouths about other teams....
I'm not refering to the orginal post either, but the people who are starting these rumors.

Looking forward to a great game Saturday!

Patriots at Scorpions 3pm in Marion

It's playoff time, and we've already had one upset in the playoffs opening game last week.

Re: MFL Playoffs!

Well I am a former bulldog and I was asked if I wanted to for the playoffs does that make me a rumor starter? I dont think so I was contacted by a player that I know on that team last week and asked if I could play the rest of the season.

Re: MFL Playoffs!

#4 You're right that doesn't make you a rumor starter, nor does it mean that anyone did anything wrong. But I will say this, if you haven't talked to myself or Coach directly there was no invitation given. This matter was put to rest before the season ever started and all teams were in full agreement.

On another note, I am looking for players to join us for next season, if any of you are indeed interested I am very accessible and will be more than happy to talk to you.

Wayne Wolf
Adams County Patriots

Re: MFL Playoffs!


Hats off to you and your organization for putting up a great team this year. Safe travels this weekend. Look forward to seeing you guys. We will miss you on the field.

Good luck,

Scorpions #69

MFL Teams do not load up for the playoffs. That was a gentlemens agreement made at the beginning of the league, and I believe all of the teams have honored that agreement. I know the Scorps have.