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attn warriors & broncos

hey, in reality, neither one of your teams deserve to win. one, the warriors had the game rigged. theres no way that that many bad calls should go against one team. how can you be tackled at the two yard line and have a touchdown?

tornados(broncos), how can you feel proud of brining in higher caliber players and taking a cheap championship? if not for some bad play calling on the other side of the ball, you would have had your a$$es kicked.

however warriors, kick their tail. throw deep and connect. their secondary is garbage. as long as you do that and hit their soft wide receivers you will be in good shape.

Re: attn warriors & broncos

I swear to God if your General I'm going to drop kick you into next week. I will envite down #35 from the Mustangs and we will remove your finger nails with rusty pliers. . . .

Re: attn warriors & broncos

Well Im glad to hear we have pissed some more people off.Whoever you ar its nice to see your still at home while no matter what you think of us we ar still playing this weekend and I guess you are not.So have fun and come watch us play this weekend its gonna be a good game.

Re: attn warriors & broncos

Very good point #72,I would love to be on here and cheap talk about other team's and player's but I need to remain focused because, We do have a game on Sat
ha ha ha ha ha ha , now let's shake the hater's off and welcome them to pancake land.

Re: attn warriors & broncos

Question? If your team was folding for the rest of the season and you had to pick a new team; what would you do? You would pick one that is close and has a chance to win the championship. Neither of which are any of you. Don't hate, congradulate. I do recall we getting beat 3 games in a row. I didn't see or hear much complaining then. Be a man or LADY (which you all are acting like) and chalk it up, move on, go practice for next year. Damn, do something productive just stop crying. I sure you know that all you are doing is adding fuel to our fire and the fire is hot. Don't touch you will get burned.

Re: attn warriors & broncos

HAHAHAHA GOD I love the broncos.Man are we good or what gotta love us cause not one team can say they waxed us in the regular season no matter who we had.all the games we lost was by a total of 12 points hahaahahaa.

Re: attn warriors & broncos

I hate to admit it but my GUT tells me that this thread was started by one of our own PIRATES The tone and some of the points made sound all to familiar to me. I apologize it is. Sour Grapes are just that. I could be wrong but I sense a tremor in the force Good Luck to all four teams this weekend and may the best T.E.A.M. win

Re: attn warriors & broncos

Just to follow up The points made in the above post are concerning events that DID take place in our last two games. Blaming the refs and bad play calling is a cheap way out. There were opportunities in each of those games for us to win. Plain and simple if we would have converted our P.A.Ts we would have won both games. I am not pointing fingers at our Kicker it was wasn't his fault, we had bad snaps or poor protection or just situations where everything went wrong at the worst possible time. The T.E.A.M. lost the game. As a true competetor you have to look within to understand why the ball bounces the way that it does. Ask yourself the following questions
1.Did I work hard enough?
2.Did the team work hard enough?
3.Did we prepare properly?
4.Did we deserve to win?
5.Did we play and work together as a team?
6.Did we beat ourselves?
and the most important question of all
7.Did I learn anything from this season or that game or any of the games?
If you know the answers to these questions then you are ready to prepare for next season. By the way This applies to ANY team anywhere in any league. Now that is my

Re: attn warriors & broncos

I was going to say the same thing, but I did not want to offend you all. I really did not think that warriors had Qb tackling controversy against the generals. Hope to see you all up at the game this weekend. If not at least at all-star weekend.

Re: attn warriors & broncos

i dont know what games this jerk has been watching throughout the season but one thing that our recievers are not, and thats SOFT,



Re: attn warriors & broncos

they are so cute and soft, I will call them squishy.

Re: attn warriors & broncos

Then after we have removed your finger nails, i am going to put them on a penut butter and jelly sandwich and feed it to your mom while she is rubbing ranch dressing all over my body.

Re: attn warriors & broncos

I saw this post yesterday. I must admit that the first tremor I felt came from the criticism [evidently] of my play calling. I then deduce that at the very least, the writer SAW both of our last two games. I then proceed to detect that it is probably a person within our own organization.

That being the case, the mere fact that they did not post under their real name is a big indication of the character of this person. Bottom line... NO STONES! If ya feel me?

I don’t have any regrets about the games that I have coached in. When you become a Head Coach at any level, you HAVE TO become comfortable with dealing with criticism. There are always things that I MIGHT do different in hindsight EVEN in the case of a very lopsided victory.

I will soon be publishing my end of the season comments on the Pirate web site. Now is the time for reflection. I do know several things though.

1) If I return again for another Pirate campaign, there will be several individuals that I will not welcome back.
2) If the person that began this post IS a Pirate? He will be one of the individuals NOT invited back. Obviously, he is a perfect football player and I want to allow him every opportunity to find the perfect team, with the perfect players, with the perfect coach to fit his perfect round bootie. This is not the right program for you.
3) People and players can argue about the 2005 Pirate campaign. In my humble opinion, we finished like we started. We started with a lack of offensive linemen and we finished with a lack of offensive linemen. We started with a lack of player commitment and we finished with a lack of player commitment. We never developed the team discipline and chemistry that comes from the rigors of practicing together.
4) One of the biggest factors for this team is age. The 2005 Pirates were a very young team. And like young bulls, they lacked patience and selflessness. To some degree, this is an indication of the direction that our society as a whole has taken. Everything is about the individual. If something is wrong, it obviously is someone else’s fault.
5) The 2005 Pirates lacked TRUE team leaders. Once again, these people typically come to the forefront in the rigors of the practice environment. There were no Ernie Robinson’s, Jim Thompson’s, Troy Lewis’s or Andy Drummond’s on this team. Because the players on this team for whatever reason COULD NOT or WOULD NOT make the commitment, the team development suffered.
6) Very early on, I determined that the 2005 Pirates were a strange bird. I have never had more physically talented skill position players at once. Relative speaking, I never had a team that was more dominant on the defensive side than the offense. UNFORTUNATELY. I also have never had a team that was NEVER able to scrimmage one time during the year. I have never had a team that had 3 Quarterbacks but more than several times had NO Quarterbacks at practice. One practice, no Quarterbacks. The next practice, no Wide Receivers. The next practice, no running backs. At NO TIME, did we ever have an entire offensive line at practice. Compare this to Chief teams where we could practice a play script on Tuesday AND Thursday. On game day, it was literally “a piece of cake”. If one looks at these facts alone, it is easy to see why the 2005 Pirate offense struggled to impose it’s will and was defined by its defense rather than it’s offense. To think that we lost 4 games by a combined total of 18 points I will take credit that we were able to get the results we got from this pitiful effort.
7) As for play calling, it becomes next to impossible to create game plans and prepare for a varied attack when players have either not attended enough practices to know what they are doing on certain plays or are too boneheaded to remember. Again, I have never had a team that was this dense. More than several times this year, I have remarked to the team that I was quite certain that the fans, other team and its coaches were sure that I had lost my mind for burning timeouts for dumb reasons. But this might become clear to readers that there were more than several occasions that I burned timeouts to personally go out and explain something to the team; return to the sideline only to watch them go ahead and line up wrong anyway or fail to execute the play correctly.
8) DH80 and I participated with the IFL for the All Star selections. However, I really felt that this was a farce for us to participate in. Why? There are not many Pirate players selected to fit in with the IFL process that truly deserve the honor. I say this because my own personal criteria would include practice attendance and team fees paid. With that criteria added, only Marshall Bowman qualifies. Once again, this indicates what the primary problem was.
9) Don’t diminish what the other team has accomplished. Hash this, rehash that, argue then, challenge that. The bottom line is, we lost the game and the other team won. As I have said many times. You want to WAH? Call the WAHm-bulance! That in itself is reason enough for me to disassociate myself from you if you come from our organization.

So Homer and Oscar to borrow a bit…

“You want answers?” Col. Jessup (Jack Nicholson)
“I think I'm entitled.” Kaffee (Tom Cruise)
“You want answers?” Col. Jessup (Jack Nicholson)
“I want the truth.” Kaffee (Tom Cruise)
“You can't handle the truth!” Col. Jessup (Jack Nicholson)

Re: attn warriors & broncos

(HAHAHAHA GOD I love the broncos.Man are we good or what gotta love us cause not one team can say they waxed us in the regular season no matter who we had.all the games we lost was by a total of 12 points hahaahahaa.
VALID Email:

Hey man I love the enthusiasm but don't start celebrating too early. That will surely be the begining of the end. Yes my guys are sitting at the crib this weekend. But this "man are we good" stuff is just bound to get the other guys motivated. It's your call. Optimism is good but overconfidence could be your enemy. Work hard talk less the rest will take care of itself. Words from a wise and old gladiator DH80 out!

Re: attn warriors & broncos

...I don't know why, but I would love to insert a comment in here. Coach Hill you are one of the few people seems to have any common sense and I have the upmost respect for you.

I have to be honest, I have seen better football games played at 5th and 6th grade levels than I have seen this year at a Semi-Pro level. I think one of the neatest things is telling someone you play Semi-Pro Football and to see their eyes light up like you are some kind of super star, but with all honesty, I would hate to invite them to any of our games due to the display of individualism, disrespect, unsportsmanship and selfishness. I hate all the fields because our fans sit so close to the sidelines they hear EVERYTHING that is said and is going on.

Is it fun? Yes, it is quite enjoying and I probably do it not only for the love of the game, but for the exercise. I look at Semi-Pro Football through the same view as Coach Hill does and I think players returning next year need to stop and think about a few things during the off season. Why is Semi-Pro the way it is? Why does it have to be the way it is? Why can't Semi-Pro football be raised to the next level. It's all based on the players, players is who set the tone, players is who set the level.

Dedication and Commitment is what a team is all about. If you, as a player, missed 6 practices or more this year, you have failed your dedication to this sport and you have failed your commitment to your team. Our pratices are 2 hours long, twice a week, and I sure other teams are simular. Easy math here, that is 4 hours a week to dedicate and commit theirselves to there coaches and team. If you can't do that, its easy, don't sign up. I would rather go to war with 12-15 dedicated and commited teammates and WIN or LOSE with them, then to deal with all the B.S. that goes on with 30 or 40 self centered weekend warriors. I honestly feel 12-15 dedicated and commited guys could be extremely competitve in this league just due to the unorganization. Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison are the best QB and WR in the history of the NFL. These guys practice over and over all week long. They go out and throw 50 passes to each other before every game! They are the best because of their dedication and commitment, we have tons of guys in our league that won't give their teammates nor coaches 4 hours a week.

I could go on forever about this, there is so much I would love to say. You heard an opinion from a coach, and now one from a player. No matter how talented you are, or how talented your not, its a TEAM sport. Everyone should take a second and question their own dedication and commit to their team this year and for the next. For anyone else that decides to get on here and comment that their team is the best, well....the best at what? The team that had the least interceptions? The team that had the least fumbles? Oh, I know, the team with the least personal fouls. And you call this football? Step up and be a real teammate, don't waste your coaches time and your teammates money.


Re: attn warriors & broncos

wow, lots of controversy. just making honest observations. i saw the games in questions. i saw what was posted about the pirates and how good they are so i thought id check em out. i saw some horrible calls.
and coach no disrespect meant. thats the nature of the fan to second guess. you did what you felt was right and that is commendable. better luck next year. i wouldnt say age was your problem it was chemistry.
i still say you can pass deep on the broncs, that was evident by 81. he ran all day. if they had connected on any one of those bombs, lights out.

i have no problem with a team folding if they fold. from what i read on here, a shady timeline was laid out. hey the best to you. you werent the only team to use the cracks, hey this is football use your advantage.

good bye all