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The Doom of the Irish Hoarde

First- I want to say a heartfelt word of congratulations to the Lafayette Lions for beating that Justice team and again advancing the MFL title game. I've said it before, but there are a lot of us pulling for the Lions, and it would be great to see that trophy finally make its way to Lafayette.

However- I WOULD be a little remiss if I did not indulge old man #75 on his prediction about his Boilers (perhaps more accurately lukewarm-ers) in their game with the IRISH. The Irish success this season is both exciting and provides a great template for how to be successful.

Hey #75: Why don't you worry about winning the MFL title and let ME stick the the predictions, eh?

Re: The Doom of the Irish Hoarde

I'll give you the laugh this time Supa. The "LUCK OF THE IRISH" EARNED YOU THAT JAB. This former BOILERMAKER will always bleed black and gold. I'll admit that I was shocked at the loss and still have a sour taste in my mouth. I will take your advice though and focus on the title game tomorrow. Maybe, just maybe, this Tennessee native will be able to get a little relief of my sour taste when the Volunteers whoop those Bishop Don Magic Juan colors off the Irish(Especially that damn hopping leprechaun).

Re: The Doom of the Irish Hoarde

Never! Never! Never! will you get my lucky charms. You Had me at hello.
You need to fight, for your right. TO PARTY!

Word to your mother!

p.s you see what time it is. I cant belive i am typing so straight.

Re: The Doom of the Irish Hoarde

OOOOOOLAY OLAY OLAY OLAYYY, OOOOOLAY OLAY OLAY OLAy. Tell me people arent going for USC in this one.