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I do not have all the players on my team so I will just post it here I know alot of the guys get on supa site I had a death in my family my uncle that is why I could not be at practice. I will see my brothers this saturday! At least we have football for a outlet thank GOD. #74 Roberts out! GO scorpions!!!

Re: Football

Sorry about your family's loss Chan. Some things, not many, but some things are much more important than football and family is one. If you'd like I will let the team know of your loss.

I'm glad you have chosen football as an outlet, weare going to need you against the Pats. We all would've understood if you decided to sit this one out. I look forward to seeing you tommorow.

Matthew A. Doss, Esq.
Grant County Scorpions, #20

Re: Football


Got your e-mail. Your in ours thoughts. Looking forward to Saturday. Get ready for some smash mouth football Scorps #74. Hey tell me how you get on the D of this team. I think the D coach has a problem with me, lol. If you do get some D time you better knock the Hell out of somebody.

Go Scorps,

Scorpions #69