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what a weekend

Fella's, I wanna say good luck to the broncos and the stangs in the game tom. night. should be a good one! Also good luck to all other teams in the state in thier championship or thier effort to stay alive.'s a HUGE weekend for football everywhere. High school football.... Warren central playing Lawrence North, Warsaw Vs. Concord, Plymouth Vs. Northwood, Goshen Vs. Wawasee and of course
West Noble Vs. Fremont ;) yeah thats a joke....but you gotta give my school props supa....7-1 not bad so far. Now we go to college....
Penn State Vs. Michigan, will Joe pappy get his undefeated season?
How bout Michigan State Vs. Ohio State, who's gonna move from 16th to 15th and from 15th to 16th?
how bout Colorado Vs. Texas, might the aggies get a run? what about florida Vs. LSU? AND.......Most importantly,

(9) Notre Dame
(1) University of Southern California

It's getting about that time for the largest Pep Rally in Notre Dame history. will this 2005 Irish team be a team that goes down in history? Is this a team that will be talked about and compared to for years to come? Will the 2006 Irish team out do that of 2005 ;)
All questions will soon be answered. BUT I say.....if it so happens that the Irish DO EARN a chance to compete for a national championship,
What's wrong with having a college national championship contender.....
What's wrong with having an NFL Super Bowl contender in the Indianapolis Colts.
Tho it's chicago, what's wrong with having a lake Michigan brother fighting for a world series?
A GREAT Year for Indiana sports! And then there is basketball season
again, good luck to you boys this weekend. Hemi a green machine faithful

Re: what a weekend


I was glad to see your Chargers get it done by such a large margin last night, but I trust you know that they drew Culver Military in the first round on the road- so they've got their work cut out for them. I saw that Warsaw won last night over a favored Concord squad... is that an indicator of things to come for that other team from Warsaw tonight?

This is, in fact, one of those days when you wish you could just slow down time to see all of the great ball games one at a time, but alas, it is not possible.

I'm with you- hoping that they men of Troy leave Michiana with a big "L".

Re: what a weekend

well supa, as for me are right, they have a hard first round of sectional 19 infront of them. It will all come down to the leadership of those seniors. Making plays they will, they are a smash mouth team and do not leave much room for error. However, like I said it will come down to how well those seniors pick the team up. In high school ball when you have underclassmen starting for your team, it's the seniors job to remind them how important they are.

I'm guessing most everyone has seen the ending of the ND USC game. HEARTBREAKER! while the end of the game was a bit confusing, it was right. I know I was sitting here yelling out the fact that they were not gonna spike it. BUT, Notre Dame did have it's chances, allowing a completion on 4th and 9, alowing Bush to pick up another first down on the three yard line.....and the miscued first down attempt from quinn. As I said, it is a heartbreaker, but they had thier chances and none the less.....WHAT A FRIGGIN GAME!!!!!!!!!