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hey congrats to the wildcats they must of brought there A game. Like I have said all year the scorps have no offense and can be easily beat, I was rooting for Big play Ray(former bulldog) but that is it I knew if some team would exacute they would be easily beat because you get them down and they start fighting between them selves and that is all it takes. I couldnt make it to the game but from what I heard the wildcats played great congrats. Looking foward to next year when the former bulldogs and new recruits bring it bigger and better than ever before!!!!


Bulldogs player,

At least we put up a team. Easy to put up trash talk from the stands. Scorps will enjoy playing the new Bulldogs located in Peru, IN next season. Hope Raber can get it going. See you on the field Bulldog #4. Try talking with your play on the field Bulldog, because the small talk on the messageboard isn't too impressive.

Scorpions #69


We did back it up last season if I remember no losses in the MFL and if we cant get a team in PERU we (the core of bulldogs about 20 of us) will be on a team in the MFL next year and I will back it up then. Just a little bitter today huh!


And if you DOOOOO.....get a team in peru, what league are you expecting to play in then?



Oh what, another former wannabe-player slammin on the Scorps for putting together a successful season. You're kidding!!

Hey Matt, don't worry about him anyway. It easy to ridicule someone from the stands, but this guy wasn't even there, so he's talking out of the side of his neck. Gibba-jabba. Anything that he has heard is hearsay anyway or from a bias informer.

How does a team with no offense score 91 points in a season, anyway?

Easily beat? What!?!? We went 6-1 in the regular season. I suppose we would've been nothing if we went 6-2, right? Oh wait, that was the Wildcat's record...and, oh wait, they won the MFL, just like the Bulldogs did last year.

Congrats to the Cats. I will take nothing away from their victory. The won the Championship last Saturday and they deserve to be proud of that. I hope they got home safe and I hope no one got in any trouble as a result of the celebrations.

I am proud of my team as well. Nothing that anyone says on this board or anywhere else can take that away from the fact that two successful teams faced off on Saturday.

The Scorpions looked adversity in the face and grew stronger from it, through great comradarie and cohesiveness. On Saturday night, we celebrated a successful season and we were proud of our effort. We popped the cork and drank champagne. I even shared my Cuban Cigars that I saved from my trip to South Africa this summer. Had to fight off a herd of wild Hyenas on the way to the airport.

Obviously, he's trying to kick someone when they are down, but when I got together with my brothers in the post-game celebration, what I saw was pride and friendship. We are a competitive bunch, what team isn't? We had high hopes, what team doesn't?

I truly hope the Bulldogs get a team together next season. It was great playing them last season. Our fields are only a half an hour apart. Some of our guys probably remember playing some of the Bulldogs in high school. I seem to remember that Brian and several other true Huntington players were pretty decent guys. I have always had the upmost respect for them.

I have throughly enjoyed playing with Ray and the other former Bulldogs as well. They are my teammates and I have had a great time with all of them. I have even drank a few beers with most of them and therefore I would call them my friends. I don't think any of them would disrespect me or the Scorps by talking smack about the us this year. Like anyone they are entitled to their own opinions, and they are entitled to feel disappointed about not winning, but I doubt they feel like losers. I don't.

I remember that the core of the Scorpions played the Bulldogs hard last season, even when we were undermanned. Easily beat, huh? I remember that last season the Bulldogs only led by one after the first half..on their field!! We brought only 18 guys to that game. But I do not recall if anyone on our team tried to take anything away from your victory or if any Bulldog tried to stomp us on some messageboard when we lost.

One more thing and then I will get back to some more serious things. It's simply not classy to ridicule a team that tried their hardest last Saturday, but fell short.

I am proud to call myself a Scorpion.

Matthew A. Doss, Esq.
Grant Couty Scorpions, VP/Legal Counsel
#20 - OLB/OG/SS/Special Teams


As I can recall bulldog#4 the only reason you guys won a mfl title is because you guys got all those supreme EXPLOSION PLAYERS PERIOD but you cannot handle the truth you was not the QB that year because he was a former explosion player! NOT YOU quit talking trash when your puss as did not even play this year stay on the couch puss man! Chan#74SCORPIONS P.s. shut yo mouth waana be!


Im gonna be gettin my ring chan im gonna be cathing ys soon got one at 21 and hopefully 2 at 22.We will be comparing them rings soon Hope ya win one soon before i catch ya.


Hey Chris congrats I started playing semipro when I was 26 years old so you have those extra years I have 3 now and the old man is still standing sore as hell but still standing loloolol! I do want to tell you I am sorry for calling you out the net I should have been the more mature considering your still just a puppy! i KNOW YOU DONOT CARE FOR ME SO WE WILL LEAVE IT AT THAT! Good job to my old cheifs teamates that got your ring and #25 BEST DB IN THE IFL see ya Chan #74 Scorpions


ehh you know chan I probally shouldn of said alot of the things i said to you as well.I have respet for you though you do play football and i have respect for that and you work as a bounce at a srip club the best job in the world.


What, huh, strip club? Como? Where? Free entry?


If I recall #74 the bulldogs beat you without the explosion players and with Marshall at QB so if you think that they won only because of ft. wayne players what about that game?


We will see chan. by the way I was 2-0 as the starter last year. It was my first year I didnt expect to play a whole lot. This year it was too late to join another team and everthing else was too far.