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NFL PIX!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Ya'll! Ida here with the gracious permission of Sup, ( Sup, sup, soop, soup) to bring you the long awaited, often imitated, never duplicated, bring me some mashed potated...

NFL PIX.-------------

What I'll be doing is predicting scores and doing some in depth analysis of five NFL games each week of which I see to be great matchups, important games, or Big Upsets. Along with that, I will also pick each and every other game as well.
Do I allow rebuttals and challenges to my picks?

I dare ya....

I double dare ya......'

Yes, Im gonna say it, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YA!!!
Now, what are ya gonna do?

Ready, seat belt on? Here we go!!!!

Denver at N.Y. Giants 1:00 PM Fox

This one is a dandy, and it will look as good on the field as it does on paper.
The G-men are playing well with the presence of an offense now, and an adequate D that has them half a game behind the surging Dallas Cowboys.
Eli Manning has the reigns of the O, and is doing very well, more than expected (at home at least) this year, and the team as a whole is coming off a heart wrenching 16-13 loss last week in Dallas. They need to be up for this game, and I'm sure they will be, and on time for this one.
NYG has scored over 40 points against all their opponents when at home this year, but this week, they are playing a 'D' that has more focus than anyone else's that they've seen so far this year.
The Broncos are heading toward the midway mark of the season with some serious steam.
Since dropping their week one game at Miami, they have regained their focus and won their last 5, including a 28-20 win over the still very dangerous NE Patriots.
The Denver ground game seems to flourish no mater WHO is at tail it seems, and this year it's Tatum Bell and Mike Anderson grinding up the ground.
In my opinion, Jake Plummer is improved, but still has the ability to be a little "Arizonish" with his throws, but has only 3 picks so far this year, and looks good.
The key is Eli 'manning' the Giants' offense.
Look for the Broncos to use a lot of mixed zone blitzes to confuse Manning, but if they do not get to him and Tikki gets freaky with the run, you COULD look for NY to open this one up early. I just don't think they really will.

Broncos 24
NYG 21

Kansas City at Miami 1:00 p.m CBS

This one features two teams that need to make a definite move upwards.
The 'Fins featured the return of Ricky "10 commandments" Williams to their backfield last week, and it wasn't pretty. After 8 yards on 5 carries, Ricky was not all that.............You know what, excuse me........I'm sorry, I just can't get past the blue jays nest of a beard. When I first saw him on ESPN after the game, I was sure they were showing footage of a soup line fan ticket holder. I know money was tight for him last year, but Schick really only charges about seven bucks for a razor.
Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the game.......
The Fins are an improved team from last season (yeah, that was a tough feat to preform, right?) and at least now, Nick Saban has the team and fans in Miami on the believers trail. They are however overall, about average, but this game is a big one to them. Currently, they are 2-3 and a half game behind division leading Buffalo, and without a dominant running or passing game, they can nil afford to drop two or more down in the standings.
The fans have been coming out to support the Dolphins this year too, another change from last year, but given a few more loses, the fans will STILL come see the Dolphins on Sundays, but unfortunately for Nick, they'll be going to see the ones jumping through hoops at Sea World, not the stadium.
They need to run the ball, and figure out a way to get "Moses to part the red sea" for the win.

KC is a bit of an enigma this season (And if THAT surprises you, I've got some magic beans I can sell you, THAT REALLY WORK!)
They are 3-2, and coming of a huge 28-21 win at home over the vastly improved Washington Redskins and seem to be in old form. However, if you saw the game, you saw that the #1 reason the Chiefs have been successful in recent years, Priest Holmes, was held in check with 18 yds on 14 carries, but still was a factor with 100 yards on 5 receptions. They will need their ground game to get going strong to win here, and look for their D to blitz everything, all the time.
Trent Green is still one of the premier passers in the NFL, and he will look to get things started early in the game so don't be surprised if the chief's go up top right away, but if Miami can hold off the bombs, they look good.

Dolphins 24
Chiefs 19

Green Bay at Minnesota 1:00 p.m. FOX

Ok, Ok, this one looks easy to call, especially since the Vikings have let their game plan, off field demeanor, and overall performance go "cruising" so far this season, ( good thing they got rid of that bad influence, Randy Moss!) and they are coming fresh off a 28-3 debacle against the Bears last week in Chicago.
The Viking O line needs to protect Duante Culpepper just a liiiiiiiitle bit better, as he has taken 24 sacks this year from opposing D's. Their running game (399 yds) is nearly non existent, and the only bright spot has been the yards (alas, few points) created by Culpepper's arm.
This is one they have to have to keep any hope alive for them in the division and season, and it doesn't look good for the Vikes.
OK, it's only one game, but Brett Favre certainly looked very "Brett-esque" last game in their 225 to 6 or whatever the heck the score was against the Saints before they had their bye. The defense showed up too, and made Aaron Brooks look like...........Aaron Brooks. They appear to have finally gotten back toward their usual form, and playing Minnesota now is a great aphrodisiac for an orgy of points.


Brett don't like domes, folks.
He hasn't won a game in Minnesota since Taft was president, and the fans will be loud for they ALSO know this may be the one game that could turn the Vikes ship around, provided it's not a cruise liner loaded with babes.
The Vikes will try to go up early, and if they do, the Packers very well could end up on the short end of a blow out themselves.

Vikings 29
Packers 17


Pittsburgh at Cincinnati 1:00 p.m CBS

This is Ida's game -o- da week, and it will be a GUUUUD ONE!

If I asked you who would be the QB TD leader in passing and second overall in yards in the NFL before the season started by week 7, who would you have said?
Tom Brady?
Peyton Manning?

You would have NOT said Carson Palmer of the Cincy Bengals, but that's who it is!
The Bengals appear to be for real, and what a test they have this week to make sure the rest of the NFL knows it.
Look for Cincy to control the clock and although Carson is having a great year, he will not be the factor in this one. What will be?
I've got one and a half words for you.
Rudi Johnson is the key for the Bengal O. If he starts to get going, it will open up the passing game, but if not, Carson could be on his duff a few times as the Pitt Boys bring heat when you drop back to throw.
But the Bengal O line is a good one, surrendering only 8 sacks all of this year so far, and when he has time, Carson will be looking for Chad Johnson to do something (more than likely, endzone antics) but Pittsburgh will ALSO be looking for him.
Pittsburgh will attempt to get their ground game going as well since Tommy Maddox will get the start. Maddox and the Steelers are coming of a shocking 23-17 overtime loss last week, as Maddox was picked off in the O.T. period by Jacksonville's Rashean Mathis who raced 41 yds for the winning score. Losses like that can kill a good young team's spirit, but believe this-
Cowher will have his troops foaming at the mouth coming out on Sunday.
The crowd will be hostile and loud and both teams are ready.
The Key is D you see.
And I truly feel the Steelers have the edge there, but even so, I think Marvin Lewis will have Cincy more than ready.

Bengals 19
Steelers 14

Dallas at Seattle 4:05 p.m. CBS

Is Dallas for real? Is Seattle for real? Is wrestling fixed?

I like this one because both teams have good records, but question marks as to how good they are.
Seattle's D, and Dallas's O.
Somn's gotta give, and I'm broke and to quote David Spade "What's in your wallet?"
This means I gotta pick one, and without all the hoopla lets look at these two....
Seattle has the NFL rushing leader in Shawn Alexander, while Dallas sports the 6th best rush D in the NFL.
Seattle is 3rd in scoring, Dallas is fourth in the NFC in Total D.
So you scream from your inflatable team chair that took 3 straight weeks to blow up that you got when you ordered 298 issues of sports illustrated in 1998, "WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN IDA?!!"
Well, sit down plucky boy, I'll tell you.
Seattle will surprise us all by coming out PASSING at first. If successful, look for the dreary Seattle skyline to be filled with balls from Hasselbach to his receivers, who have surprisingly hung onto his passes this season.
Alexander will be a marked man by Dallas, and they will make sure HE does not beat them, and I'm sure Holmgren is aware of that strategy being put into play.
Mikey (Holmgren) will not 'Likey' what his coaching opponent, Bill Parcels will have for him.
The Blitz.
In this reporters opinion, Hasselbach still is far away from bing a truly solid QB, and his shaky, panicy feet will not serve him well against a Defense that will be flying around on all sides of him all day.
Roll outs are a good idea to neutralize the rush, but there are only so many of those he can do against an extremely disciplined D like Dallas's.
But Dallas's O is not what you'd call scary, unless you're a Dallas fan as of late, BUT they get the job done, and with a defense like theirs, you don't need to score a lot.
Look for Dallas QB Drew Bledsoe to keep it simple with short passes, and screens and draws, but Seattle will try and get after him early and often as well.
I don't see this being a big scoring game, but it will be one full of hard hits, and I believe well see someone on ESPN next week from THIS contest on "JACKED-UP!"

Seattle 17
Dallas 14

Detroit at Cleveland 1:00 p.m.
Lions 21
Browns 13

Indianapolis at Houston 1:00 p.m.
Colts 39
Taxans 16

New Orleans at St. Louis 1:00 p.m.
Rams 24
Saints 22

San Diego at Philadelphia 1:00 p.m.
Eagles 31
Chargers 19

San Francisco at Washington 1:00 p.m.
Redskins 38
49ers 10

Baltimore at Chicago 4:15 p.m.
Ravens 20
Chicago 17

Buffalo at Oakland 4:15 p.m.
Bills 19
Raiders 23

Tennessee at Arizona 4:15 p.m.
Titans 20
Cards 24

Mon Nite
N.Y. Jets at Atlanta
Falcons 34
Jets 24

Re: NFL PIX!!!!!!!!!!!!

The texans will never score 16 on the colts

Re: NFL PIX!!!!!!!!!!!!


the depth of your analysis is impressive. We are glad to have you making predictions and helping us all with our fix as SemiPro season winds down.

No love for my Bears though?

Re: NFL PIX!!!!!!!!!!!!

IFL Reporter, welcome, but I do not actually find myself a "beliver in Blue" on the Colts D. The NFL had them as one of the great D's, until the Rams slapped a 28 on them in Indy. My feel is that although improved from last year, the Colt D has yet to play a premier offense yet, and the D has had but one test, and we all saw it Monday nite.

Sup, thanks!
The Bears, although I am a fan of them, I must say in the games they've won, it's primarily been from another opponents offensive breakdown (yes, and good 'ol Bears D too!)
I picked this game with my head, but my heart was with them all the way.

(Heck, I still have a copy of the superbowl shuffle in my heavily fortified den)

Re: NFL PIX!!!!!!!!!!!!

Correction. Roethlisberger will get the start at Cincy this weekend, but my prediction stands.

Re: NFL PIX!!!!!!!!!!!!

so you think that the texans, who are given up 7 sacks a game are a "TRUE" OFFENSE?