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Tournament Week Predictions

Earlier post erroneously erased- short form here:

Indiana Titans @ Chicago Thunder

Wish I could call it differently- but I can't.

Thunder 26
Titans 18

Indiana Mustangs @ Kankakee Seminoles

Mustangs are shorthanded on the road.

Seminoles 28
Mustangs 14

West Central Wildcats @ Evansville Vipers

Wildcats are good in the MFL, but way outclassed by the Vipers.

Vipers 41
Wildcats 8

sorry for the late and short calls- good luck to our local teams in the tourneys- make your mommas proud, boys.

Re: Tournament Week Predictions

Score update from Evansville, Indiana

West Central Wildcats @ Evansville Vipers

Evansville Vipers 49
Wildcats 6

Both squads were without key players tonight.

Re: Tournament Week Predictions

Pretty Friggin Close on This One:

Seminoles 26
Mustangs 16

We still need that Titans/Thunder score. I've got that sinking feeling that the silence from big Don means that things did not come out the way we may have liked. Bring us up to speed!

Re: Tournament Week Predictions

Tough Loss...

Chicago Thunder 17
Indiana Titans 7

The Titans prepare to play the Michigan Steelers on Saturday @ Galien HS. as part of the Mid-West Tournament

The Chicago Thunder will travel to Peoria to play the Mid-State Steelmen.

The winner of both games will play for the Mid-West Tournament Championship.