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Vipers and Tians Predictions

It's hard to believe that November is here and we are left only with tournaments- one has to be very happy, though, that we do have those tournaments. Thanks to NFE for giving us a couple more weeks of our fix....

Kankakee Seminoles @ Evansville Vipers

Though the Vipers are short more than a few guys and out of practice- this should be a solid W for another straight week. Make no mistake, the Seminoles are for real, and feature a defense that is comparable to some in the OVFL- but remember- you are talking about a Viper team that is the ONLY team to beat the OVFL champs- a team that is among the best in the midwest. Even shorthanded, the Vipers will overpower the Seminoles. If they were denied the OVFL crown, the Vipers will have another week to consider their chances for a MSFT trophy.

Vipers 36
Seminoles 14

Indiana Titans @ Michigan Steelers

The Steelers were the pride of the greatly weakened LSFL, and feature a running game far better than anyone the Titans have seen this season. The Steelers' one weakness -just ask a guy named Agee- is that they turn the football over. Because the Steelers' drives often take time, they do not play well from behind on the scoreboard. If the Titans can get a few early takeaways and play a ball control offense, they'll have a shot, but they are well outmatched on defense in this one. My heart is cheering for the Titans, but my gut tells me the Steelers will win the day. Perhaps they will post another Kankakee-like upset and force all of us to (yes I have to go here) REMEMBER THE TITANS....

Steelers 26
Titans 11

Those are the ones on the docket.....hope our local boys make us- AND THEIR MOMMAS proud this weekend.

Re: Vipers and Tians Predictions

The Titan Defense shut the run game down...with the exception of the QB (M. Vick Jr.) the run game was stopped.
Like you said, turnovers were key....

Indiana Titans 26
Michigan Steelers 20 OT

Titans Advance to MidWest Championship...
Were trying Supa...Were Trying......
Just a Season for everyone to...."REMEMBER THE TITANS"

Re: Vipers and Tians Predictions

Kankakee Seminoles 27
Evansville Vipers 2

Game called during the 4th quarter due to lightening.

Not to take anything away from the Seminole victory or make excuses, but for the purpose of telling the entire story of the score for the message board the Vipers were missing several key players on both sides of the ball. Kankakee is a solid team with overall team speed that I have not seen since we played the Hoosier Hurricanes earlier this year. They will give anyone who plays them a game. I hope to play them again in the future when we more than 1.5 days notice of a game more than five hours away and can have more of our team in attendance. I now sort of know how the Ft. Wayne Flyers felt earlier this year when they played us.

Re: Vipers and Tians Predictions


How are things down in your neighborhood? It looks like the area got battered pretty badly last night in the Tornado(s). I know I've already had a few guys email me and ask me If I'd heard anything. Can you post up here how things are going and if there is anything that we can do to help (donations, money, etc)

Good luck down there and keep us up to speed.

Re: Vipers and Tians Predictions

Thanks for the concern, I will keep everyone posted. The trailer park that was destroyed on TV is less than a 1/4 mile from the park along the river where the Vipers practice at. From what I was told via the local media they set up a triage area there for the wounded. I will keep you posted as further details come out. I would say 95% of the Vipers that made the trip yesterday stayed up in IL overnight. So everyone should be alright and the known few who were crazy enough to drive home through it, spoke with each other via wireless communications throughout the night to check on each other.

Re: Vipers and Tians Predictions

hey #54, hows it going? i remember talking to you earlier this year in the chat room, our situation was pretty bad that week we were told we had to play the evansville game by the commish of our league. dont worry though we all know you guys are a very good team. i had thought the vipers were considering joing the mlfa any word on that? if not our coaches should definitly get together EARLY for the benifit of both sides, and set up a game for the pre-season. FLYERS-VIPERS both teams full strength would be an awsome game

Re: Vipers and Tians Predictions

Hey Cooke see if you can find out what happened to that DBs leg at the end of the game. If you can find out email me and let me know. It kind of has me feeling bad. TP 10

Re: Vipers and Tians Predictions

Hey Supa I thought you could only add 4 players to your roster for the Mid West tournament. I did not know that you could have an all star team. The team that played for the Titans this weekend was an allstar team. They had players from the Lake County Steelers, The Albion Chargers and the Titans.

Re: Vipers and Tians Predictions

T.E. #88

I am not sure on the answer to your question. Unless it involves blocking, snapping a ball to a QB, Punter, or Kicker, I don't have much say in the day to day organization of the Vipers. So, I am not the one to ask about that. I would also like to clarify my earlier comments. We knew we had a game this past weekend. We knew there was a 50-50 chance it was going to be 5.5 hours away. After finding out about it being an away game on Thursday night and looking back on the season, I thought of the situation with your team and saw a few similarities with how a 5 plus hour drive can affect a team on short notice. I am not going to play Monday Morning QB either. Kankakee is a class team with solid players and overall team speed. They will give any team a solid game going forward. I don't want to take anything away from their win. We all know that in Semi Pro Football travel is a part of it and I will not make any excuses. In my opinion we should have to play everyone that drives to play us at their house the next time we face each other unless it is in a tourney or playoff situation. But like I stated before, unless it involves blocking, snapping a ball to a QB, Punter, or Kicker, I don't have much say in the Vipers Organization and don't want to speak where I know I have no right to.