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It has been made final.. The KC Mustangs and the Classic City Crush will be hosting a 16 team full contact indoor football tournament on January 7 and 8 in Waterloo Indiana. The following is a list of agreed upon rules by the two teams as to how the play will be judged as well as official cost and reward.

8 on 8, 16 Team, Double Elimination, Two Day Football Tournament.

1. 16 Teams with a roster size no greater than 18 with no less than 6 linemen.

2. Winners bracket will run two 15 minute halves with a 10 minute half time.

3. Losers bracket will run two 15 minute halves with a running clock, stopping in the last three minutes of each half, and a 5 minute half time.

4. Each team will be allowed 2 timeouts per half; timeouts can not be carried over from the first half.

5. 3 defensive players must be down linemen. 4 offensive players must be on the line of scrimmage

6. There will be only one linebacker or secondary player permitted to blitz on a play.

7. 1 offensive player may go in motion horizontal to the line of scrimmage; at no point in time may the motion man approach the line of scrimmage prior to the snap.

8. 4 downs are allowed to advance the ball 10 yards for a first down or touchdown. 6 points for a touchdown. 1 point for a successful running play for p.a.t. 2 points for a successful passing play for p.a.t. The passing play must be a forward pass to count for a 2 point conversion. A backwards pass will be scored as a running play and will only count for 1 point.

9. Kickoffs are from the goal line and any tee of choice for the kicker is permitted. Kicks must be returned by receiving team, there will be no touchbacks. If the kick return is tackled in the end zone it will be scored as a safety.

10. Punting is illegal. On fourth down the team may go for the first down or a touchdown. If the offensive team does not have a successful conversion then the ball will be placed at mid field mark if the offensive team had not passed this mark. If the offensive team has passed mid field and is unable to convert a fourth down play then the ball will be placed at the previous line of scrimmage and possession will change.

11. Kicks must be fielded regardless of where they may have made contact with the protective surroundings. Passes will not be considered complete if the ball has made contact with any structure surrounding the field of play, including the ceiling.

12. All other rules in regards to this competition will revert to NCAA rules.

13. Cost will be $350.00 per team due to:
Classic City Crush
3375 CR 427
Waterloo, IN 46793
Payment is due in full by no later than Tuesday January 3, 2006. It will be non-refundable.

14. The winning team will receive a $600.00 cash prize, a trophy, and a commemorative T-shirt. The runners up will receive a trophy and a commemorative T-shirt.

I would like to remind those that are thinking about participating this will be a full contantact event in full pads. We are only accepting entries from those who are currently associated with a semi pro team. There will be food and drink on site, as well as room discounts at the LaQuinta and Holiday Inn Express in Auburn. There will be a one time cover charge for spectators of $5.00 at the door, at this time a wrist band or stamp will be issued and the spectator may come and go as they wish.

When you are sending your payment please include the team association as well as contact info incase of any changes that may be needed to be made known.
We do have the ability to take a credit card, but I would like to take that info over the phone rather than online so if you wish to pay this way email me and we can make those arrangements.
Again, if there are any questions or concerns please email me at

thanks again
Adam Crozier
Crush 99


Hey IFL teams I have about 11 teams committed and only a couple are IFL. I was hoping to see most of the IFL teams in this tournament. It should be alot of fun.
adam crozier
classic city crush


We will be there ready to go should be turning are money in during the next week or so. BRONCOS COMING FOR A LIL FUN AND A VICTORY.


crush...just curious what teams have committed so far.are you waiting till tourney is full before you announce the teams? if not, who's in?


I can say this, there will be teams at this event that do believe that they can dominate this event. There are teams committed from every major metropolitan area with in three or four hours. I have received serious inquiries from teams as far away as California and Florida. I have verbally committed at this time 11 teams. Seven of which I either have the deposit or will have by the end of the week. Anyway, once I have 12 teams I will post the entrants, so we are close.
Adam Crozier