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any new news from the mfl?

have heard a couple of rumors, would like to hear some feedback, anyone else heard anything?

Re: any new news from the mfl?

At least one team will not be coming back, and there may well be a faction split off of an existing team as well.

Re: any new news from the mfl?

i heard a rumor that they are finally calling it quites and the few teams left are applying to other leagues already. And i don't know if this is true. But i also heard that the only reason the MFL stayed a league last year was because none of the teams could get in another league so Earl begged eveyone to stay since he new he couldn't get a team in to another league. Just a little rumor that i heard and i am not saying this is true at all infact i would like to know if my contact in the MFL is completely wrong on this.

Re: any new news from the mfl?

Let the games begin once again. Just because we don't spend a lot of time posting on here doesn't mean that the MFL is folding, losing teams, or anything else along those lines.
As for Earl begging teams to stay in the MFL in 05, that's funny! Having been in attendance personally at the league board meetings, I can assure you that it never happened, nor would it ever happen. The teams in the MFL are here for the same reasons as everyone else, we love the game of football and want to continue to play and be competitive. If everyone could keep sight of that fact then we would probably all be better off.
I realize that several of you may take offense to this statement and start ripping on me, so be it.
Supa has already rated my team the worst in the state, so my opinion really doesn't count HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Have a great, productive OFF season, and safe and happy holiday as well.

GO COLTS!!!!!!!

Wayne Wolf
Adams County Patriots

Re: any new news from the mfl?

To whom it may concern,

The GRANT COUNTY SCORPIONS will play in the MFL for the 2006 season unless the league losses a team. I have not heard of any team not play in 2006. The team I have not heard from is the Wildcats.

I am hopeful that the Wildcats will give the Scorps a chance to re-match for the MFL championship (unless another team steps up).

The 2005 season went well, and I believe the 2006 season will be even better!!! New teams are coming in 2006 season, but I really hope all of the 2005 teams stay as well because of the great competition and respect the teams have for each other.

I look forward to scheduling preseason games against some of the IFL teams in 2006. I have great respect for the IFL as well as other leagues.

I strongly disagree with Supa's ratings because alot of these teams are alot more evenly match than you thing. Having played in every game against non mfl teams and mfl teams, I believe strength or size was not the difference of the leagues but speed of the (WR QB RB TE) (CB DB and FS) and the depth of quality players.

In my opinion and mine alone the biggest team we faced was the Wildcats, and the talented and quickest was the Flyers with the Kokomo Mustangs close behind them. AAA teams had more speed and depth without a doubt, and a separation does exist but the seperation is not as big as people believe.

Matt Hansel
Scorpions #69

Re: any new news from the mfl?

I heard the mfl had 4 or 5 teams apply for next year. I guess there are teams trying help the mfl stay alive or maybe they just want to play football. Just what I heard.

Re: any new news from the mfl?


Re: any new news from the mfl?


Email Wayne at The MFL board will be meeting shortly. Look forward to hearing from you!!!

Good luck,

Matt Hansel, Scorpions #69
Presidnet, Grant County Scorpions

Re: any new news from the mfl?

There is at least one team coming into the MFL. I will let them announce