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Interstate Football League Expansion Teams 2006

The IFL is now accepting applications for the 2006 season. If your team is interested in joining the IFL, please sign up at:

If you signed up prior to today (12/1/05), you will need to submit a new application. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

New applicants will be invited to attend a league meeting in February. Location TBA.

Happy Holidays!
The Interstate Football League

Re: Interstate Football League Expansion Teams 2006

I heard the Grant County Scorpions (MFL) were going to apply to the IFL for 2006. Does anyone know if that's still the case?


Re: Interstate Football League Expansion Teams 2006

Hello, I am certainly wanting to make our new organization a part of the IFL. I had already sent in an application, however I did re submit today. I look forward to hearing from the league very soon.

By the way any team looking at this is welcome to take one of the 5 remaining seats in the Indoor Tournament that the Mustangs and the Crush are hosting. If you are interested contact me at

Re: Interstate Football League Expansion Teams 2006


Unless the MFL has a major shake up, the Scorps are not planning to apply for the 2006 season at this time. I beleive the Scorps would do well in the IFL and enjoy the competition, but the Wildcats and Scorps have some unfinished business to settle in 2006.

Good Luck in 2006,

Matt Hansel
Scorpions #69

Re: Interstate Football League Expansion Teams 2006

Is the IFL looking for established teams that can come in and contend immediately or are they still just taking upstart teams that the existing teams can beat up on. The Lions are exploring a possible league change and I'm wondering if it's worth my time to fill out the entry application?

Re: Interstate Football League Expansion Teams 2006

I think something that everyone is seeing with the IFL is the fact that the competiveness keeps rising. The teams that first made up the league are always getting better. If you look in the future, I think everyone would have to agree that the IFL has the chance to be one of the most elite leagues around. Every season players are getting better, teams are getting better and the IFL is getting better. WORD???

Re: Interstate Football League Expansion Teams 2006

Mos def I know last year compared to this year it was alot faster this season.I know it is def gettin better.he teams added this year one jumped in and was good from the jump with the pirates very very fast.I can say in the next few years the league will be one of the elite in indiana.

Re: Interstate Football League Expansion Teams 2006

would The Lima Warriors be able 2 get in?

Re: Interstate Football League Expansion Teams 2006

You got to apply to know if you can get in you just can't ask on a message board.

And as for the scorps I hope 69 isn't the owner or management because he might not remember his own paper work

Re: Interstate Football League Expansion Teams 2006

For those interested in applying. I will give you some information on how expansion teams are selected & some of the things the league looks at before expanding.

During our first league meeting of the off season the league will go over information from interested teams. We then decide on who we would like to meet with during our second league meeting. Those teams will be asked to bring more specific information for the league. Teams can give a presentation as well. They will then be voted on by the league board. We don't have a set number of teams we will let in. If all of the teams who apply would fit with the league we will let everyone could also go the other way as well.

The league has a mission statement, and we always keep that in mind when selecting new teams. We want the league to be fun for the players...all of the players, not just players on one powerhouse team. When selecting new teams, here are some of the things we look at:
1. Location-We want to keep travel time down to a minimum for everyone.
2. Competition-We want teams in the league who are evenly matched. We don't want to bring in a team who will wipe the field with everyone. We also don't want to bring in a team that will get rocked week in and week out.(if we see where the team can improve, we might bring in a team if the organization is strong)
3. Organization-We want teams that demonstrate they are easy to work with and are strong enough to survive for more than one season or a half a season.

Hopefully this answers some questions...

Troy Edwards