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******* 8 on 8 Calling You Out *******

I think that if your logo scrolls across the top of this screen you should be asking me how to field a team in this 8 on 8 tournament. It is an opportunity to see how you match up against teams you may never get to see other wise. It is your chance to play on the fastest surface God ever allowed football to be played on. It is your chance to see if you can play two full days of football. It is your chance to play football in January, (if anyone has done that you have played at a level the rest of us had dreamed of). It is your chance to drill some one into hockey boards in football gear. But most of all it is your chance to get a cool t-shirt. Anyway I think that is what chikenhead4000 thinks. Teams I have not heard from but would really like to see.

MC Cougars

I thinks that all the teams on this list would have an opportunity to play competativly in this event and we would love to be able to fit you all, however only five more will be allowed. So, if you want to see someone you have not played before, then sign up and we will see who is standing after 36 hours.

for more info contact me at

Re: ******* 8 on 8 Calling You Out *******

I am with crush I to would love to see for example the wildcat's and hurricane's play since the did when their league's title , just my thought

Re: ******* 8 on 8 Calling You Out *******

Hey man,
I've got a couple of questions. I tried to call Andy a couple times, but was not able to reach him.
1st, what knid of turf does your facility have?(I need to know what shoes to wear)
2nd, do you have any idea of what time you will start games on Saturday?

Wayne Wolf
Adams County Patriots

Re: ******* 8 on 8 Calling You Out *******

okay okay, i understand that you are calling out all the teams in the ifl..but what i want to kno if when ur goin to send the wranglers some info. i mean we have been waiting for some info in response. so if you want us to be in it then give info to meyer. i kno i am antsy to play football again and im tired of asking meyer if we are in it and he telling me we have not gotten any info back. so send some info meyer's way...that just might do it