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Indianapolis Dragons

Any word on the Indianapolis Dragons entry into the IFL?

Re: Indianapolis Dragons

we have submitted our new application. that is all i know for know. we have a lot of people interested in our organization. we also have a few sponsors. thing are looking really well.
josh gronberg

Indianapolis Dragons Statement

To all people associated with the IFL, past, present, and future.
Ive been privy to some rumors that our organization is trying to woo people from other teams. I just wanted to address this by stating for the record that we are not trying to steal any players. We are not shutting our doors to anyone that comes to us wanting to play.
If they want to come and play for us, thats fine. If they don't, thats ok as well. I just wanted to clear the air of this because we have a lot of respect for the IFL and would love to join this league. We will abide by the proper code of conduct and will follow all guidelines.
Happy Holidays and we look forward to being invited to the next IFL meetings. If there are any concerns for whatever reason, I've put up contact information. I will do so again so that we can squash these rumors.
Josh Gronberg

Re: Indianapolis Dragons

the dragons will be having a meeting on the 21st of january at 12 o'clock at the YMCA on 10th & shortridge i heard is this true ?

Re: Indianapolis Dragons

it is almost true. its looking like 1130. we are waiting to get approval from the ymca for their meeting room. from all of the buzz of our team, we are going to need more space we think.

Indianapolis Dragons Update

The latest update. We are really moving along. We have secured a major sponsor. We are waiting on several smaller sponsors. We have uniforms in the works. We will order upon acceptance into the League. We have the money for the league fees ready in hand. We have purchased balls and equipment. We have all but signed an agreement for a field. We have had several contacts by interested players. We welcome all.
We are excited and pumped for the upcoming season. We feel that we can compliment the league based on our values and dedication.
Have a good weekend everyone.