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New training Article + Conditioning Program Update

Beineke Semi Pro Football Conditioning Program Update:
Our first session was last night at Acton Indoor Sports. We had a nice cross section of guys from both NEFL and EFL teams and guys from MA,NH,CT, and ME.

The staff did a great job of working these guys very hard in sport specific football exercises . . . . I can gurantee all these guys will be pretty sore for a few days. We started out with a dynamic warm up, followed by some medicine ball throws and sprints, some explosive jumping exercises, and some agilities. Later we used the kettle bells for some explosive work, similiar to olympic style lifts, and we rotated this with some upper body and core work using the med balls. We finished up agilities with some cone drills of various nature. We concluded the session with a good game of speed ball.

Each week I'm going to try to hand out an effort award . . . all the guys really got after it last night, but I felt Dave Anderson from the Razorbacks went above and beyond. Dave played FS for the Razorbacks last season and has a motor that never quits, both on the field and in our training session last night.

There are still plenty of spots availible . . .players can join at the $15 a session rate for the remaining 7 weeks of the conditioning program.

Training Article:

This article is written by the strength and conditioning staff at The Univ. of California Riverside and documents their teaching progression for the olympic style lifts. The text here contains some very detailed descriptions of each lift and coaching points on how they should be performed. I think this article will help a lot of guys learning these lifts both in learning the terminology as well as fine tuning their lifts.

You can find the article in the training forum by hitting the link below, Enjoy!
-Aaron Beineke, Defensive Coordinator/DL Coach
Leominster Razorbacks
"Hardest Working Coach in Semi Pro Football"