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I wanna know from ONLY the great football minds, CAN the Colts do it and go the remaining season without a blemish of a loos? If not WHO will beat them, season OR playoffs??


I was waiting for this to come up. Look- here's the deal: the Colts are good. They're damned good.

Perfection? That's a tough one. What we're talking about, though, is not going 16-0, but going 19-0 to win it all. The Dolphins are obviously the only team to have had a perfect season, and much has changed since 1972.

Here's my contention: they need to lose one before the playoffs. Going into the playoffs without having tasted the adversity borne of a loss may not be what the doctor ordered - and it may amount to a loss if they are faced with a team that can better respond to that adversity.

Better to lose in December than on February 5th.

Can I get a witness?


How "bout an 'AMEN'!!

I agree that one loss does have a tendency to 'Empty the stomach, and prepare a VICIOUS appetite for a win.

I do feel Seattle is the team that has the confidence do to it, but not NEARLY the firepower. ALthough, emotion can play a part i the NFL.

This also COULD be a preview of the Supeeeee bowl, but I think Seattle will get knocked off before the final round.


Well Suup, I guess thats over. Colts got manhandled yesterday, and for the first time all year, they looked scared AND intimidated. I do think now it's time to rest the starters, BUT if you do, do you ( as a coach or fan) want them going into the playoffs with THIS being the last thing on thier mind?
IS this a flke loss, or a prelude to who the Coolts REALLY are?

A new book is out now--
"Guide to Colts Killing" by Wade Phillips.