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Training Article:Olympic program+Conditioning Program Update

Beineke Semi Pro Football Conditioning Program Update:

Another good training session last week over at Acton Indoor Sports. We worked on acceleration and power quite a bit during this session. After warm ups we started out with 4 sets of 45 pound plate pushes (sliding plate on the ground using leg drive) for 20 yards supersetted with twisting lunges holding the plate for 20 yards on the way back. Next we did 4 sets of 10 explosive overhead med ball throws supersetted with sets of 20 push ups. We really worked acceleration next by doing 4 supersets (there + back) of band resisted sprints for 20 yards. We finished off with some slow lateral lunges for 20 yards working balance, flexibility, and power.

Program Requests:
I have requested that the staff print up an outline of each workout and post it outside the door of the CATZ Sports exercise room so guys can look at it when they come in. Copies of the outline will also be available for guys to take with them at the end.
Over the first 2 sessions we have worked a lot of power and acceleration drills, I have requested that the staff throw in some top end speed work in the coming weeks - they will be putting something together for this. We will also have a session focused on strongman style training.


We will be going straight through the 8 weeks with no break for the holidays, so we will be meeting on Monday 12/26/05 and Monday 1/2/06 at the normal time (starting warm ups at 7pm). Players can still jump in at the $15 a session rate.

Effort Award:
This week we have a dark horse winner, OL Dan Savage from the Maine Tomcats. Dan is one of our most senior members . . . he is old enough to be the father of some of the younger guys in our program. However, last week Dan really showed great effort, determination, and tenacity to excel in the workout. Dan did every drill to the maximum effort possible; even two bloodied knees (turf burns) did not slow him down.

Weekly Training Article - Detailed Olympic Lifting Program:

Most of the articles I have featured in the past present various ideas about football training concepts, but not specific routines etc. This week we have something very specific - a detailed 6 week Olympic lifting training program. If you add just a couple of things to this program it also makes a great football training program. I would just add a little bit of neck once a week (3 sets), bench press and/or incline press once a week (warm up set if needed +3 sets), and some lat work once a week for mass and pulling strength (3 sets). Of course, like any gym workout, I like starting out with just 3-5 minutes on a cardio machine to get the blood flowing followed by a dynamic stretch/warm up. For conditioning you can do some jump rope intervals (I like a max of 30 seconds on 30 seconds off) and end your workout with a static stretch.

As you look this program over you will find one weakness is that some of the weeks require 2 workouts (AM-PM) on the same day. I don't know who has time for that, but it can be modified to fit a normal working man's schedule. In the middle paragraph on the page you will also find a couple of links that go to pages with video examples of both the snatch and clean+jerk . . . very helpful if you are just getting familiar with these lifts.

Here is the link to the article page, enjoy!!:

Here is a link to my football training forum for archieved articles:

-Aaron Beineke, Defensive Coordinator/DL Coach
"Hardest Working Coach in Semi Pro Football"