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Fella's and Mr. supa. Something has come to my attention in the form of E-mail. Either 1. we have an imposter somewhere in the Great US of A, or 2. Our Supafan is a member of a certain AFA Hall of fame or 3. everyone already knows this and i'm a dumbass. I know that some will already call me a dumbass, goes

The American Semi-Pro Football Association (AFA) recently defined 3 ways Semi-Pro'ers can have their names placed on the AFA Hall of Fame nominating ballot - in consideration for induction as a member of the Semi-Pro Football Hall of Fame.

"Each year, for the past 25 years, the American Football Association has selected a number of deserving individuals who have dedicated a good portion of their football careers to the semi-pro level of the game. Over the past two and a half decades the AFA has enshrined exactly 500 semi-pro football legends into 11 different categories - players (270), coaches (86), executives (66), officials (20), pioneers (19), media/historians (17), equip/trainers (8), youth football (5), international (5), women¹s football (3) and even one
(1) super fan. <-----------


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