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8-on-8 tourney only a week away

The tourney is only a week away and I haven't heard anyone get on here and talk there talk or even act a little bit excited at the fact that they are going to be playing football in January. Guys get excited about the opportunity that you have and talk a little even if it is completely stupid what you are saying, I am tired of getting on this website and seeing nothing new. So somebody help me out.


I know that you will help me out.


Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

i would but unfortunately the longhorns to my knowledge don't have a team going nor was i asked by anyone else this sucks

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

I know we are ready for it been gettin are work in on the turf.So we will be ready to play this game.See you all next week and are money is on the way.Broncos going for The win.See all of you next week Supa get those predictions ready.

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

I'm not much of a talker, but I guess I got five on it for crisp. I'm trying to be creative and since I did not recieve any christmas gifts from my homies in the league I decided to make a New Years Wish list from hemi which can be redeemed on the weekend of the eighth.

1. would the guys from the wranglers please get together and get Neal Garrisson a fake ID or somethan, I mean try to make the kid at least seem like 17 or something.

2.Would the real cougars please stand up, and say hi or somethan sometime.

3. would the broncos please bring stat girl along, I miss her.

4. would the broncos please not bring crazy lineman hair guy, that got somethan thrown at him at the hotel..... I dont miss him.

5. would beef from the warriors please reffer to me as "hemi" or Travis instead of "WHATCH THE FULLBACK!!"
I have a name big fella

6. I would like to see another Mr. T sighting, you know who you are.

7.I want to see tater play a complete series at quarterback.

8. I want to go on a ride on the fort wayne flyers new private Jet which flies out of the Fort Wayne Airport

9. I also want a pair of those cool green flyers practice shorts. STUCKEY

10. I want to see tyler Anglin from the stangs and Eric Sullivan from the wranklers reunited on Oprah. Long lost brothers segment. I like Oprah she's sweet

11. I would like to see someone buy Patty37 a couple new fingers so he can fit all his rings on....asshole

12. I would like to see Andy crisp reunited with pee-wee herman on doctor phil. I dont know

13. I would like to see every team bring cheerleaders to the tournament ONLY IF.....IF stat girl doesnt come.

14. I would like to have a king arthur party afterwards and we can all dress up like knights and talk all sophisticated. I'll be lancelot

15.I want crozier to install a tigger rule, that a hemi can jump off a wall and "try" to catch a ball

16. last but not least. the most important. I want everyone to congradulate longhorns runningback #33 Billy "stuck on you" stuckey for being the proud father a baby boy! Peace

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

Congrats Billy

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

Ehh sorry hemi Thee lineman with the wild ahir will be there.See all of you at the tourney.

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

Man Hemi,
You don't ask much do you?
I like the idea of the tigger rule. But the pass has to be at least 71/2 yards past the line of scrimmage, and thrown by the center.
Be careful about asking for cheerleaders, have you seen the women from Randolph County?(not pretty)
The Patriots, being one of the closer proximity teams, will need a first round game no earlier than say, noonish!? It's hard to wake up before 10am on Saturday, let alone drive an hour to play football somewhere. Don't believe me? Look at our record for the 05 season!
Just kiddin' I can't wait to get out and play some football!!!
See ya next weekend and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

Since you didnt ask for anything from the fellas from up North (Steelers) and since me and some of my fellas from Titan land will be running with them.
I will be happy to sit down and enjoy a night at the round table with Sir Lancealot.
I will be the Black Night.....
Although, I will not be bringing any Cheerleaders, I will be more than happy to help patrol the area bars for any female that is a case of beer or 2 away from being a perfect 10.
Other than that, all I can offer is my 2005 used Girdle (Since it will be 2006 by then, I will break out a new one)
Cant wait to Meet you Sir Lancealot.....

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

HAHA! Gambrel, you crack me up bro. that's good stuff! I would say bring the girdle, I'm sure one of the guys i'm playing with will wear it, "cough" #4........ good to see you boys playing in this thing, will chucky be ballin it up??? Oh yeah and i'm adding a 16th to the list. To the Lake City Steelers, I would like to be re-embersed for all my $35 over draft fees I was charged. I Mean if lake city bank is going to let me keep spending money that I dont have in my is that my fault?!?!? P.S. Please leave jerome bettis at home for this tournament ;)

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

Ok, two things to add, one the HEMI TIGGER RULE will be added to the official rule book and discussed at the meeting friday night. But only for Hemi. He will be the only one allowed to try and jump off the wall to make a catch. (We will see how that goes) Second, The Joliet Stallions will be the final and 16th team to play in the tournament. If you have not seen the first round bracket it is posted on the discussion underthis one. Replace TBA with Joliet Stallions.
I am bettin on the AC Patriots to suprise some folks and come out of the loosers bracket for an upset on a big team.
I am definatly down with the post tourney mid-evil meal. Only and long as some winches will be present to bring my food.
And I still cant figure out how I didn't make the 2005 IFL all star team. So I just started my own team, I am taking my ball and going home.
Good luck to all and I hope we can make this an annual event.
Adam Crozier
Crush 99 former Mustang 99

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

Game 1 7:00 am
Fort Wayne Flyers
Hendricks County Generals

Game 2 8:00 am
Leydon Lions
South Central Broncos

Game 3 9:00 am
Lake County Steelers
West Ohio Wranglers

Game 4 10:00 am
Motor City Warthogs
Grant County Scorpions

Game 5 11:00 am
Lima Warriors
Darke County Warriors

Game 6 12 Noon
Kosiosko County Mustangs
Adams County Patriots

Game 7 1:00 pm
Columbus Generals
Randolph County Cougars

Game 8 2:00 pm
Indiana Mustangs
Joliet Stallions

Lets see the predictions SUPA, by the way you get in free supa if you let me know you are attending our little event. This will be the single greatest collection of semi pro football in a two day span ever. Well at least that is what I am telling people.

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

This is gonna be nuts.Im looking forward to playing at 8 am is a early one. See all of you there next saturday.

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

Congrats to the fella's that put this together. It's good for the state of indiana as well as football as a whole. I think there will be a lot of eyes and ears checking this thing out. And one last thing, for the guys who may not recognize me, I did infact get a hair cut. Sorry, no more bo duke. I would have had to buy a larger helmet

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

I wish I had a brother...if that eric guy wants to be my brother I will let him..I have only 4 sisters. another thing I guess I will start the trash it goes...HEY CHICKENHEAD4000 you might be the worst thing to football since they started selling salads at the games..YOU AND YOUR WHOLE TEAM SUCKS!!! get some new players. If i was you I wouldnt even bring your team to the game, I doubt any of your wifes want you girls sent home in a body bag, that is if you have wifes...I heard your team is 80% homos. AND AS FOR THE REST OF YOU TEAMS....GOOD LUCK!

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

Man....... 7AM football that should wake ya up!! What time will the locker rooms open? I,m really looking forward to seeing everyone in one place. This will truly be quite a spectacle. Just think, while you're playing everyone will get to talk crap, I mean give you encouragement from wherever they'll be watching. 288 football players all in one place. It could be a tough crowd. It will definately be a show.

Gary C.

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

So the Patriots get to play the Mustangs at noon! Couldn't ask for a better time. Don't let our 2005 record fool ya Mustangs. Be prepared to play one of the hardest hitting teams in the MFL.

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

The entire bracket can be seen and printed from
Go to Tournaments at the top of the screen
Go to Indiana
Go to Football
Go to Classic City Crush / Crush-Stang Open
at this point you can see all the tentative game times. and make predictions and plans accordingly. Remember the game times are tentative based on approximate game length.. I will adjust the game times accordingly as the tournament progresses.
thanks again
Adam Crozier

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

Latest word from the Steeler Camp is....Yes Hemi, Chucky is playing....
Unfortuantely the Steelers are refusing to reimburse you for your overdrafts only because they are the Lake County Steelers not the Lake City Steelers.
but we did recieve word that Bettis might come hang out for a while just to see you Jump into the wall.

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

Does Hemi know that running into the wall does not count as jumping off of the wall, just curious.

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

Chuckys playin! that guy is awesome, he taught me how to do the diamond cutter curtosy of da diamond dallas paige. Crazy guy that chucky. As for my over drafts,, its all the same it has lake in it. NOW....about this running into the wall thing, it was not my intentions that this would happen, but I have given it great thought and have figured out that 1. I have terrible body control, so yes its a possibility. 2. I'm sure there are some fellas out there that would love to slam me into a wall. 3. it sounds fun, so why not. but my goal, since big #99 implemented the tigger rule, is to land a one foot plant catch off the wall. I know the quaterback who I am playin with is way good enough to put the ball there, however I think that a past prank that I pulled on him involving a sheep may come back 360 degrees on me. we'll see
P.S. I'm in love with a stripper

Re: 8-on-8 tourney only a week away

I can believe that Chucky taught you some moves....
This year we would have to stop practice because he would have one of our running backs in a full nelson.
In regards to the Sheep situation, I thought it would be nice to meet you, but now I am skeptical.....
Ah hell, as long as it wasnt a Billy Goat, I guess it couldnt be that bad.