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8 on 8 Tourney

Look for the Adams County Patriots to be the cinderella team in this one. A word of warning to the Mustangs. Don't let our 2005 record fool ya. The Patriots are the hardest hitting team in the MFL. Can't wait to lay the wood on some youngster.

Re: 8 on 8 Tourney

I am about as young as it gets on the team, My mom told me to stay away from bullies that like to pick on little youngsters. I dont know what laying wood has to do with anything maybe you should try a girl. I think that would feel better, but than again i have never been with wood b4.

Re: 8 on 8 Tourney

I have an 8 wood in my bag works wonders when your aiming for the hole

Re: 8 on 8 Tourney

Of course I am referring to showing some of the younger players what it means to be hit. As the oldest member of the Patriots {41) I take great pride in demonstrating to young men in their twenties that age has nothing to do with ability.

See ya on the field gentlemen.


Re: 8 on 8 Tourney


To many hits in the head is not good for you. Some people would probably agrue that opinion, but it is just an opinion. Not a team on this list is a team to under estimate. The Pats are stepping up to some AAA teams, so you better put your helemet on tight, oldschool55. You might lose it.

See you Sat.,

Scorpions #69

Re: 8 on 8 Tourney

Here we go!
I don't think anybody could "lose" their helmet on a field that size. I mean, damn it's a flat surface that is painted green, and most of the helmets are other colors so I don't see anyone losing a helmet. Now if we're talkin bout knockin one off of someone, that's a diiferent matter altogether!

Layin wood, knockin helmets off, this may be more of a medieval thing than anyone thought. Hemi might get his round table dinner after all.
Merry Christmas and God bless us, everyone!

Re: 8 on 8 Tourney

haha hemi is aiming for the hole