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"LIVE" Bracket?

My Man Crush99-

First I want to say mad props for pulling this thing together. What you have done is really impressive and it bodes well for the new team you will be getting of f of the ground. I am a little frustrated, though, that your webpage suggests that the bracket will be continuously updated, and as of 1pm on day two- there have been no updates whatsoever. The efforts of individual players here to post and keep us updated is very much appreciated, but those of us who were not able to see all of the games are very much in want of some scores.

Thanks for all you've done up to this point- and thanks in advance for updating that bracket!

Re: "LIVE" Bracket?

I apologize for the lack of updates, as of about 8pm on saturday I could not get on, and by 2pm on sunday I didn't really prioritize that right on top of my list. It was a delegated duty that was poorly delegated and should have been reasigned. Sorry.
I should have appointed some one other than me to do it. I could do it all for that long.
By the way mad props to the KC Mustangs whom with a shot at the Unfortnuate semi-Finals opted to out themselves in favor of helping run the final games more effiecinetly. I know you guys ran thin in trying to help and play. Next year we know not to schedule volunteers and players as one. Lesson learned and taken. KC played Four very tough games to get where they were only to realize they could continue due to injury. Sorry. We will address roster size issues and alternates for next year.