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Broncos Call-Out

Interested in being a part of the team that finished in the top 3 of the 8 on 8 tournament? We'll be holding our first meeting of the off season on Saturday, January 28th from 7-9pm at the Carlton Lodge in Franklin, Indiana. This meeting is for veterans and interested players, but is especially geared to new recruits. We'll cover a number of things in this meeting, so if you are thinking about coming out to join a championship team, this is your chance. Bring a buddy and come learn about what it takes to be a South Central Bronco.

CLICK HERE for a map and directions.

Feel free to contact me @ with any questions- and we will see you there!

Re: Broncos Call-Out

Oh geez....thats a heck of a pick up line there. You finished in the TOP 3 but u didnt even score on a wore down Lima squad. Wasnt the score like 22-0? Those boys are the real champs of this tourney. Ask around...they made a statement and beat up on that Columbus team, but didnt managed to get it in on several opportunities. Their QB slightly overthrew #21 on several occassion as he was behind their secondary the whole game. If he would of been on target then that game would of been UGLY. Oh well...thats the way the ball bounces!

Re: Broncos Call-Out

Thanks for trying to take away from what we accomplished in the tourney. We didn't win, but thanks for making us feel better.

The Warriors played great and should be congratulated for it.

Sling your mud elsewhere buddy.

We are a po-dunk AA team that shouldn't have even been in it that far.

I heard from more then one coach that we where "a bunch of white boys, and how can we lose to them". This of course was a huge surprise to our black and indian players".

We over heard from a team that "there are nothing but trash teams in this tourney".

What happened on that field is what happened. The best team won, no doubt about it. No excuses.

Re: Broncos Call-Out

Wow is all I can say.U held them to the same score we did we lost with 3 mins left in the game also.The same columbus team that beat us in are opening game on sunday at 11 30 am.Beat u by the same score.We played you right after we played them also.I could care less about hearing about u playin all night long.I did hear u went home to practice after darke county rolled u up first game.We didnt have to play over night because we won out on the first day.HAHA so u played all night and made your way back in your trash about someone else.

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Re: Broncos Call-Out


See you guys there tonight. Have a safe drive.