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IFL Expansion in 2006

To whom it may concern:

The IFL is currently accepting new team applications for the 2006 season. If your team is interested in signing up, please visit our website and fill out the online signup form. The deadline for applications is January 28, 2006.

The IFL League Board will meet on January 29th in Indianapolis to discuss the applicants. Teams meeting geographical as well as other requirements will be invited to attend our February meeting. New teams will be announced following the February meeting. So far, we have received a total of 11 new team applications.

Best regards,
Eric Rozens
IFL Expansion Teams

Re: IFL Expansion in 2006

Can you disclose what teams have applied for acceptance into the IFL for 2006?

Re: IFL Expansion in 2006

Ya, who are they?

Re: IFL Expansion in 2006

Just my opinion about curious question.
I don't think it would be right for any league to say who has applied.
My reason, just in case a team has applied for more than one league just to see if they get accepted into any of them and then weigh their options as to which is better overall for the team. If you gave the info out this might discourage a league from accepting a team that has applied for an opposing league. I have no problem with a team applying for different leagues because its like applying for colleges. If you get accepted great if you don't then you still have more than one oppurtunity to still play.

So summing that up giving the info out might hurt a team on getting into any league

Re: IFL Expansion in 2006

Good point G-Rod.

I guess if any teams out there have applied for the IFL and wish to disclose it it would be nice to know where we might have to travel to for games this upcoming year. And it would be good to know how the league will be divided as far as conferences for the upcoming year.

Re: IFL Expansion in 2006

Well i can tell you that i know northern indiana central indiana and west central ohio is pretty much alot of the grounds we cover and i really hope it won't get any farther of a drive then that. I live about 40 min. from chicago so even home games are a bit of a drive for me.