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Thank You ! from Coach Swanigan

There is so many different people who I must thank for our achievement that we accomplished together over the past two months.

First, I must say thank you to my two assistants coaches:

Josh Cummings who started out wondering how good of a coach he could be , he grew-up real quick and became the defensive coordinator I knew he could be- "the best"!

Jason Grambo who helped me so much during practice and drove up to Ft. Wayne,In. after getting off work and sat up with me all-night putting a game plan together for our championship run-thanks coach.

This is to guys who gave me everything they had:

Joe Hayes was one of the players who I'd ask so much of and not once did he complain- great touchdown Joe!

Bryan Jones was the youngster on the team and with having no experience at that level of football overachieving big time and the big hits he would put on receivers.

Jimmy Smith one hell of a football player and a leader!!

Damon Boggs went out there and played his tail off- one of the best catches of the weekend.

Renalt Thomas(INDY) did everything he was ask to do to help his team to win playing several different positions and playing both special teams , which he own!!

Eddie Mc Millian this guy never played a down of football in his life and like so many of his teammates he overachieved-3 INT's all for touchdowns.

Jeff Grywkewicz our quarterback this kid is going to be good, his arm turned heads. His leadership took us to the championship game. Thanks Jeff!

Herb Hayes was another one of our overachievers, who gave us his all.

Rashod Royer(Lock down) faced every teams best WR's and never gave up a touchdown!

Roy Pfiester(The Boston Strangler) so many big plays and other teams didn't realize he could run with WR's for his size.

Tim Hallman played on one leg the whole tournament and came back time after time never quitting- good job Tim!

Berry Bedford he left it out on the field playing both ways , he was one of our true leaders on our team.

Deshaw Reed played out of position and gave me everything he could and asked no questions!

Jay Murphy(The Cobra) the best mike LB of the tournament and hardest hit of the weekend!!

Demetrius Howard gave up his (N.F.L) playoff ticket to play with us -what more can I say.

Jason Braswell put in to his mind that nobody was going to touch our QB and they didn't!

Mario Price never played center a day in his life and was under fire game after game playing against players much bigger than he was and then put into his mind he wanted to win and never looked back.

(The Big Cat) Paris Long what can you say about the man who I thought deserved the tournament M.V.P. He teams change their game plan. Thanks "Big Cat"!

I want to pay my respects to the Lima Warriors who to me earned my total respect, when I hear about players leaving a game to go work and drive back from Fremont,Oh. to play another game.
I see why we where in such a dog fight!

I must say thanks to all the other teams and coaches, plus Adam Crozier who did great job putting this together.
Thank You to nice people of Auburn/Waterloo,In for treating us so nice.

Once again ,Great job Columbus Generals.

Thank You, from Coach Swan.