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Little Birdy been bumpin his gums

I have heard from several different sources lately about someone going around to different players on different teams in different leagues saying that the Longhorns are going under. To clear this up. We are strong we are very stable and if you don't talk to the owners about this subject then keep your mouth shut ,because i do talk about the money situation everytime i get a phone call or make a phone call to the ownership. And things are sittin pretty in Noble County.

Now for the good news

The Noble(formerly Lagrange) County Longhorns
Will be having a workout for veterans and prospect players.
Jan. 14th @ 2:00 pm
Ligonier Recreational center
Admission $2.00


If you want to discourage a player so they will not play for another team just let them go and see that team for themselves so they can make that decision.


A while ago i had posted some questions to the MFL about rumors i had heard around the way.
I did not post them to start more rumors but to get answers for me and the people bringing these things to my attention. If you want answers go to the source not behind the back spreading rumors. If you need any info about the Noble County Longhorns post your questions here or go to the IFL league website and you can get the owners info to email or call him with questions or concerns.

Re: Little Birdy been bumpin his gums

I have faith the the Horns will have a long and prosperous tenure- and that the memory and integrity of John Bushman will thrive long into the future. Doubters and haters simply do not know the core of this team.

oh- and Gary- birds don't have gums.

Re: Little Birdy been bumpin his gums

My Bad beaks
and thank you

Re: Little Birdy been bumpin his gums

For the Record

1. G-Rod just put it on the table...those involved now know

2. if it involoves you, keep it withen the county limits

3. there's too many eyes ears and voice box's. As youve seen in the past, the moment its unleased on here... it's hard to confine

4. The name LONGHORNS carrys too much repect to treat it unrespectfully