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This is not something I want to do. But it's probably the best way that I can communicate respectfully with "some" people who i'm not in contact with.

First off, whatever rumors that the longhorns are folding this year are absurd. That team has great people in it's core. As G-rod had said, if you have a problem or are wanting information about that team, contact the management. Eveyone knows in this game, rumors fly and you cant get down to buisness with he said she said. If you want facts go get them. The Longhorns by my account are one of the most respected teams around, I DO NOT SEE THAT CHANGING. The Name Longhorns carries a certain Legacy with it....and with that comes a helluva lot of respect.

Now I'm going to get into a couple more things here so bare with me. There are reasons for this.
1. I'm tired of being contacted and having to repeat myself 900 times over and over and over.

2. This is MY PERSONAL thing and that is the way it is to be treated.

3. I view supa's home as a place to have fun and talk football, but as he always's a place of communication.

4. The second my name and my judgements are turned and twisted, is the second i take a stance. I do not like drama, if something is "avoidable" then there is no need for drama.

Now that the $#!+ has already hit the fan, this should cure all rumors and lay everything to rest.

I PERSONALLY decided to leave the longhorns for MY PERSONAL REASONS. Not someone els's reason, not hear say reasons...MY REASONS. I have handled this in the up most respectful and mature way. I have had conversations with multiple people trying to figure out "what's best". The thing I do not like is when it's pushed to the point where it cant be handled and over with, instead it has to go on and on and be added to every time it comes out of someones mouth. The reason this is on here is because it has apprently ventured out of northern Indiana and the Longhorns are taking smoke for it. Rumors about me is fine, ill laugh about it. But when It's said the horns are folding when its untrue, that is a different story. BUT, when someone see's that not one but a few people are leaving, its easy for that rumor to begin. Thats why i'm squashing it. As for all of the internal stuff, well thats why its internal. BUT, if someone has a different concept of it involving me or the other guys leaving Please by all means....feel free. Nobody's getting paid for this, espn is not knocking on our doors, i'm not T.O. outside doing crunches in my driveway. I'm an out of shape slow ass football player trying to have fun and play the game I love. Anyone that wants to criticize me or the other guys...thats your right. But know what your talking about and have the facts before you decide to get into this debate. I have friends on the longhorns, ill be damned if thats going to be ruined by stupid shit. Hemi out

Re: Longhorns

Also, this goes for ANYONE and EVERYONE you know who you are. It's ridiculous there has to be bad blood over something that was simple and easy to deal with. The worst part is good honest people holding the truth in out of respect when there is no repect given. a helluva lot of burnt bridges.